5 responses to “Future of Food Open Space”

  1. [...] Food FactsBy pam.woodroffe on December 29, 2009 bigtweet_prefix = ''; bigtweet_title = 'Food Facts'; bigtweet_url = 'http://www.transitiontownbrixton.org/2009/12/food-facts/'; Go to Future of Food Open Space page [...]

  2. [...] plan for a better future together. To find out more and to reserve your free place visit our Booking Page Sun 11th Oct: Cucumber and Chinese Vegetables @ the Brockwell park COmmunity Greenhouses Sun 11th [...]

  3. [...] you come to our Community Think-Tank Day on Food & Growing in Brixton? Click through to find links to pictures, visions, notes and ideas and help us transcribe things. [...]

  4. [...] TTB Food and Growing group visioning results: around 250 people involved in 3 public events in 2009:http://www.transitiontownbrixton.org/2009/12/future-of-food-open-space/ [...]

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