Transition Town Brixton ‘Our Space’ – Growing and Preserving Tomatoes – Knowledge Sharing Session

Monday, 6th September, 6 – 9, Loughborough Community Centre, 105 Angell Road (corner of Barrington Road) SW9 7DT

  • We will be following on from the Urban Green Fair session – see below.

Urban Green Fair – Growing and Preserving Tomatoes – Knowledge Sharing Session

Sunday, 5th September, 11 – 7, Brockwell Park

  • Find out how to ripen green tomatoes or make them into chutney, and how to preserve ripe tomatoes by drying and bottling. Taste some different tomato preserves. Share tips on how to care for your tomatoes when they are growing.
  • Bring your recipes and techniques to share with us, or just come to learn new ones. If you would like to help on the day, or have something to share beforehand (tomatoes, recipes, techniques, preserves), please contact Penny on 07821 401 793 or 020 7582 9295

Urban Green Fair site:


Food and Growing Group Planning / Action meeting

Thursday, 26th August, 6.30 – 9.30

Our first meeting at Age Concern’s ‘Vida Walsh’ centre in Saltoun Rd, just by Windrush Square in the centre of Brixton.

JULY 2010

Natural Beekeeping Course

Saturday, 31st July, all day

Event description on Project Dirt site:

Food and Growing Group Planning meeting

Monday, 19th July, 7 – 9

Click here for details, including the agenda

Email for location or call Penny on 07821 401 793

Lambeth Country Show: Food and Growing Group and other Transition Town Brixton stalls

Saturday and Sunday, 17th – 18th July, all day (11.00 to 6.00)

Find us in the Green Community Champions tent in the Picnic Area.

Event description on Project Dirt site:

JUNE 2010

Food and Growing Group Stall at Myatt’s Fields Fair

Saturday, 19th June, 1.00 to 5.00

Event description on Project Dirt site:

Food and Growing Group Stall as part of the Open Garden Squares event in Windrush Square, Brixton

Saturday, 12th June, 1.00 to 5.00

We promoted the One-Pot Pledge, the Master Gardeners Scheme and launch of our Growers GuideWe had lots of interesting discussions about how to get into food growing and community gardens etc. People signed up to the One-Pot Pledge by planting seeds or seedlings and we had a food growing wordsearch for children (which was far too easy – we will work on a more difficult one!).

It was lovely to meet some of you already on our mailing list and sign up some new people. We had a bit of trouble with the gazebo trying to take off in the wind, so we are ordering some special weights for next time.

MARCH 2010

Food and Growing Group Open Meeting and Seed and Equipment Swap Monday 1st March, 6.00 – 9.00 (Food and activities from 6.00, meeting at 7.00)

Loughborough Estate Community Centre 105, Angell Rd, Brixton SW9 7PD

Please bring seeds and any unwanted gardening equipment, such as plant pots, string, poles, wellington boots etc.

Sorting out your seeds and not sure how long they will keep for? Bring them along and find out which seeds last for many years and which don’t or check here – this depends on how they are stored as well as the type of seed. We will also be making origami folded seed packets.

Also bring any broken tools and we will take them to the “Tools Shed” collection point at the Household Waste and Recycling Centre in Smugglers Way, Wandsworth. All broken and unwanted garden hand tools are collected by Wandsworth Prison. Prisoners achieve basic skills in tool repair and the recycled garden tools are put into starter garden packs and given to primary schools.

We know this is short notice, but the venue has just been confirmed and we want to get started!

Call Penny on 07821 401 793 with any queries or suggestions.


Tasty January at Brixton Village Saturday 16th, 11.00 til 5.00

Tastings, Food Stories and Pop-Up surprises at Brixton Village Market

Brixton Village market is having a food event next Saturday from 11 to 5. Get to know the new market shops, eat some food, and use it as an opportunity to come and see Transition Town Brixton in the Community Shop (Unit 6, near the Coldharbour Lane Entrance: map). As part of this event we will be holding food tastings, developing an online food map, and presenting ideas for minimizing waste food and packaging – see below.

Our Programme:

Food Tasting

12.00: ‘I hate Cabbage!’ – delicious cabbage tasting – we challenge you to taste different cabbage recipes and find at least one you like! 12.00: Seasonal Soup – learn the recipe of an easy, cheap, seasonal soup made with local ingredients 3.00: Wildfood risotto tasting – using wild food from around Brixton

All day projects

Food mapping project – add your favourite suppliers to the online map, so people can find sources to help build up a sustainable food supply for Brixton, and minimize food waste from packaging. Brixton Food and Growing Group Program– find out about the current program. Focus on Food Waste (with ‘Brixton Remade’ shop next door to the Community Shop) – exact details to be confirmed, but will include some or all of the following:

  1. Food waste and minimizing food packaging – test yourself in our Zero Food Waste quiz,
  2. Composting and Wormery – see a wormery in action

More details of this event are on our Project Dirt site.

The recipes for the soup and ‘I hate cabbage!’ tasters are here: CabbageAndSoupRecipes


Foodies at Green Drinks Wednesday 16th, 6.30pm

food group meeting 30mins before main meeting. Hope to see you all there for further talks regarding hand over from Bonnie and Zoe.(The Trinity Arms, 45 Trinity Gardens, London, SW9 8DR)

Saturday 5th December: Tree O’Clock (11am-12noon)Big text BBC Breathing Space is trying to set a new Guinness World Record by planting a million trees in one hour during National Tree Week (the current record is 653,143 trees) If you agree to run a tree planting activity on the 5th December between 11am and 12 noon and complete the online pledge form by 31 August 2009 the trees you plant will count towards this record! Once confirmed, you can register your planned activities on the Breathing Places Event Finder if you would like to promote them to the public. The 5th Dec is also the day of the Copenhagen climate talks so is a god day to support your local environment… If you aren’t doing your own but want to plant some trees in Brixton the Blenheim Gardens Edible Estate will be planting its small orchard at Tree O’Clock.


Sunday 1st Nov: Pumpkin soup, garlic and broad beans @ The Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses
Sunday 22nd Nov: Composting and preparing your garden for winter @ The Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses
Sat 7th Oct: The ABUNDANCE Project volunteer day – Apples and garlic!

Time & Place: 11am – 3pm Guinness Trust Estate, Brixton SW9 8NR


Content: Since 2007, The ABUNDANCE project has been renovating the Guinness Trust Allotment, with residents and locals.

The time has come for tree planting and putting in that there garlic. We will need the help we can get to plant our apple cordon quickly so please come along with a friend!

If you would like to come please email so we can reserve your homemade cookies or alternately, you can turn up on the day

Sunday 13nd Dec: Christmas Bazaar @ The Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses


Thursday 1st Oct: Launch of Local Food book at Borough Market


Sunday 4th Oct: Autumn Plant Fair

When: 10.30am-5pm

Where: Museum of Garden History

Usual Museum Charges Apply/Free to Museum Friends The Museum will be filled with a range of specialist nurseries selling late interest perennials, climbers and shrubs, and knowledgeable nurserymen will be on hand to advise about the right plant for the right place. Autumn is the ideal planting season, so don’t miss this unique opportunity to buy a wide range of connoisseur plants in a central London location.
Thurs 8th Oct: Bees & Their problems: Is there honey still for tea?

Time & Place: 7.30pm Roots & Shoots, Walnute Tree Walk, £2

Sat 10th Oct: The ULTIMATE community think tank Day on Food & Growing in Brixton: How will we feed ourselves in a post-oil world?

Time & Place: 10.30am – 5pm Loughborough Estate Community Centre, 105 Angell Road, SW9 7PD MAP

Content: This is the Future of Our Food event we’ve all been waiting for! Come and share your visions and a free local lunch and let’s plan for a better future together. To find out more and to reserve your free place visit our Booking Page
Sun 11th Oct: Cucumber and Chinese Vegetables @ the Brockwell park COmmunity Greenhouses
Sun 11th Oct: The ABUNDANCE Project volunteer day!

Time & Place: 11am – 3pm Guinness Trust Estate, Brixton SW9 8NRMAP

Content: Since 2007, The ABUNDANCE project has been renovating the Guinness Trust Allotment, with residents and locals. Today we will be building a coldframe and planting winter green manure. Afterwards there will be a potluck meal! Do come down and give us a hand.

If you would like to come please email so we can reserve your homemade cookies or alternately, you can turn up on the day
Wednesday 14th Oct: South London Captial Growth Networking Even 6-9pm Venue tbc
Friday 16th October and Saturday 17th October: Launch of Sustainable Streatham

Keep the date free for an evening event with films and speakers in the White Lion on Friday night, followed by an interactive ‘fair’ type event on Saturday – including swishing
Sat 24th & Sun 25th Oct: Plants for the Produce Garden

When: 10.30am-5pm

Where: Museum of Garden History

Usual Museum Charges Apply/Free to Museum Friends Pennard Plants are long-standing exhibitors at the Museum’s Plant Fairs and this autumn will become a ‘Nursery in Residence’, displaying and selling one of their nursery specialisms – heritage vegetables and fruit trees. Supporting the Museum’s Good Life exhibition, Pennard Plants will provide London gardeners with the opportunity to buy vegetable plants, seeds, and young fruit trees, and learn more about growing and harvesting produce at home or on an allotment. Talks and advice sessions will run throughout the weekend.
Sun 25th Oct: Apples and orchard fruits @ The Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses


Sat 12th Sept: LOUGHBOROUGH ESTATE GREEN DAY In the community centre (105 Angell Road, on the Loughborough estate, and adjacent park). Open to anyone to drop in. Free food and lots of green stalls…

Time & Place: 10am – 2pm Brixton Station Road

Content: A new London Farmers Market – right in the heart of Brixton! Come and support this wonderful new addition to our food landscape.
Mon 14th September: CarFree Launch

A CARFREE Association for LONDON – Lambeth Town Hall (Assembly Hall) Acre Lane SW2, 7.30pm

Launch event organised in partnership with TTB but of interest to the whole of Lambeth!

Imagine how life would improve if cars were removed from parts of the city, where people could live free from traffic, where children could play round their homes in fresher cleaner air. Would you like to live in such a neighbourhood, or even help to design it? Carfree UK , supported by the London Cycling Campaign and the other organisations below, is organising a public meeting to explain how carfree neighbourhoods work, with examples from around Europe, and to create a London Carfree Association to start working to make this possible, here in London. Would you like to hear more? Come along!
Wed 16th Sept: Next FOOD GROUP OPEN MEETING This will be at the the same venue as Green Drinks will be at a separate table. The meeting will include planning details for the upcoming open space event in September (5th) as well as updates on recent happenings. Those wishing to talk and network (during or after) can plug into Green Drinks.

ALSO Wed 16th Sept: Next GREEN DRINKS 7pm Trinity Arms, 45 Trinity Gardens, London, SW9 8DR MAP

Brixton Green Drinks happens on the third Wednesday of every month so the next one is on 21st October…See the GreenDrinks site for more info.

Thursday 17th September – The launch of the Brixton Pound at Lambeth Town Hall. Find out more about the pound here:
Sat 19th Sept: WILD FOOD WALK

Time & Place: 10.30m – 1pm Loughborough Estate – call or email Ceri Buck to get location of meeting place.

Cost & Booking: The walks are free but please call or email to book a place: 07963 446605 or

Content: Over the past year, artist Ceri Buck has been walking around Loughborough Estate with local residents searching for and identifying wild plants that can be eaten. An Invisible Food booklet has been put together with a map, drawings and 16 recipe cards to help you explore this area and interact with the plants you find.

More about Invisible Food

The food and garden zone of the Fair is going to seriously ROCK! Check out all the elements here: including the brilliant Brockwell Bake

The Cookers and Eaters will be there foraging, making jam and butter (more above); and there will also be the Food Up Front homegrown fruit and veg competition. The competition categories are the biggest, most beautiful, sexiest, rudest fruit / veg plus the best bowl of salad. Help will also be needed to staff the FuF stall between 10am (setting up for 11:00 start) and 8pm (packing away) (contact to volunteer your time).

N.B. Busy weekend! The Brockwell Park COmmunity Greenhouses are probably having a “Tomatos, Chillis and Salsa” workshop on the 20th. This day is also the Windmill Gardens Festival (off Brixton Hill) and this whole weekend (19th/20th) is Open House weekend, and the London FreeWheel happens this weekend too!


Time & Place: 2 and 6 pm, Windmill Gardens, Brixton MAP

Content: It will include, among other events, world music, face painting, a play on the history of the mill, puppets and lots of other activities for children, as well as stalls representing local activities and businesses. In previous years Safer Neighbourhoods, Credit Union, Brixton Society, Brockwell Park Community Allotments, amongst other, have attended. Windmill Gardens is right next to London’s first Capital Growth Project, the Blenheim Gardens Edible Estate, giving you a good opportunity to wander round. Open gardens and tours of the estate may be planned to coincide with the festival.
Wednesday 23th September: RSA debate: FOOD IN A WORLD WITHOUT OIL

When: 6.00-7.15

Where: John Adam Street, London WC2N 6EZ,

How much: The event is free to attend, but you’ll need to book in advance.

Panellists: Peter Melchett, Policy Director at the Soil Association; Tim Lang, Professor of Food Policy, City University London

Chair: Roger Harrabin, BBC Environmental Analyst

The politics of food and farming are on the agenda as never before. Up to 30% of the average consumer’s carbon footprint can be put down to our current, intensive food and farming systems. The UK Government has signed up to a target to reduce our emissions by 80% by 2050 – but has so far resisted tackling the ‘elephant in the room’ of food and farming.

If the ‘peak oil’ theory is right, we have roughly 5 – 10 years before oil supplies run low. What would food in a world without oil be like? Would this mean a return to the diets of the pre-industrial peasant – and how would this sit with our consumer-rights oriented age? Or do we need technology like GM to feed a burgeoning world population and keep prices down? Can a return to what many consumers perceive as the middle-class hobby farming of traditional and organic methods really feed a predicted population of 9 billion by 2050?

Join the distinguished panel as they debate the various options available to us in the impending ‘world without oil’—food-in-a-world-without-oil
Thursday 24th September: Talks by Andrew Simms and Tim Lang

Evening – venue TBA in Tooting Wandsworth Organised by Transition Towns Tooting and Wandsworth

Andrew Simms is Policy director at the New Economics Foundation (leaders on the new Green Deal and also commissioners of research into the connection to Happiness as an indicator in successful steady state economic models) – he lives in Balham. Tim Lang is Professor of Food Policy at the City University, London and has written and has advised government/spoken a great deal recently on issues around Food Security – he lives in Wandsworth.

For latest details on timings and venue see

ALSOThursday 24th September: THE END OF THE LINE screening

Where: The Everyman Belsize Park, 203 Haverstock Hill, NN3 4QG

When: 17.30 followed by a Q&A session with producer Claire Lewis and Saturday 26th September at 14.00

You can reserve your tickets online at or call 0800 066 4777.
ALSOSaturday 26th September: THE END OF THE LINE screening

Where: The Everyman Belsize Park, 203 Haverstock Hill, NN3 4QG

When: 14.00

You can reserve your tickets online at or call 0800 066 4777.


The Foodival is a celebration of all things green and growing in the town, and restaurants down the high street from Tooting Bec to Broadway stations will be cooking up locally grown fruit and veg on the day so locals can sample the true taste of locally grown food. Along with the cooking will also be a number of walks to venues near the high street where food is already being grown above and around shops with talks on urban growing and the possibilities for broadening Tooting’s food production.

To make this happen and be as fantastic an event as we’re hoping it’ll be we need help from growers great and small so if you fancy pledging the odd carrot or spare potato to be cooked on the day, please Visit or contact Giles at / ph: 0773 892 8215 to make your pledge

N.B. the Brockwell Park Community Greenshouses are probably having a “Grapes and Vines” workshop on the 27th too.

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