Education Group Open Meeting 1.10.07

Education Group report back from Open Meeting, Assembly Room, 1.10.07

Steve Korris (convenor) Anna Stopes, Harry Cormack

Long Term Vision

  • Information & knowledge of how a community can live a low energy existence & be more in tune with natural cycles, to be taught in all schools as part of the regular teaching programme
    • This would include the knowledge and practical skills of how to put theory into action
  • School experiences to be environmentally friendly, i.e.
    • Transport to school
    • Teaching areas
    • School ethos
    • Recycling & energy usage
      etc all to be orientated towards a reduced carbon output & an environmentally aware policy

Medium Term Vision

  • Define specifics of what we believe should be taught in schools
    • Work in relation to local government to harmonise vision
  • Create links between the charities / organisations that can provide the necessary teachings skills, & those schools which require / request those services
  • Potentially organise TTB information days, workshops etc at schools
    • Information, films, activities etc
    • Think about a strategy of how existing curricula e.g. about renewable energies, can focused and emphasised
      • i.e. much very useful info is already taught at schools, but it can appear distant and not something that can be tried on an individual level
  • Conduct a regular set of skills workshops & programmes to re-skill the local population in necessary areas

Initial Steps


  • Research what schools are covered within the TTB remit
  • Research local/ national government policy
  • Create a basic TTB strategy/ curriculum of what we deem should be added to current school programmes, e.g.
    • Food production
    • Environmental education
    • Recycling
    • Energy saving
  • Create a survey to be sent to school heads to:
    • Inform them of TTB, – its aims, strategy (especially in relation to local government), and the role which they may be able to play in creating a sustainable future
    • Survey to gain a better understanding of what environmental education, energy awareness practices etc are already in existence within school programmes
    • Survey to find what aspects of basic TTB curriculum schools would be interested in
  • Research the charities & organisations which already provide the types of education were interested in, e.g.
    • Trees For Cities – Tree planting & environmental education
    • LMB – Textile & Shoe Recycling
    • Sustrans – Cycling promotion
  • Contact Transition Town Totnes to find out more on their ‘Transition Tales’ pilot


  • Make further contact with Brixton library (and others?) about creating a resource area for environmental practices, peak oil, energy saving, permaculture etc see Other Projects below


  • Look into setting up skills workshops as part of the events calendar
    • Dependant on requirements – i.e. obtain feedback from mailing list as to what sort of courses people would like to attend if they were available

Citizen Curriculum

I think that the education group should be aware that the newly introduced citizenship curriculum provides a ‘golden opportunity to politicize the environment for young people’ (Andrew Dobson, 2003). Sustainable development is a section within the curriculum and also it encourages community action and involvement with local community groups and projects (step up Transition Town Brixton). I think that if you are working to develop material for schools then material for citizenship lessons would be good. However i have spoken to several teachers who say that material is often not suitable and so when material is developed it is essential that a teacher is consulted. Further more teachers tell me that the speakers and workshops that they get in to schools for the citizenship curriculum delivery are mostly shaped by who offers themselves for free and at flexible times that fit with the school timetable. Emily Reed

Other projects

TTB Shelf and Display in Brixton Library

Brixton Library has kindly offered us a 1m Transition Town Brixton shelf in the REFERENCE SECTION for Peak Oil, Climate Change and Sustainability resources. They have also offered us the Reference Section entrance to ‘launch’ this resource with an exhibition of the material. Additionally we have a large floorstanding display downstairs in the main foyer. The library will collect together all relevant material that they hold but we still need to get additional resources. Please offer donations of relevant books or magazines in good condition to Steve Korris

Growing in schools;

Rosendale Primary School, Rosendale Road SE24 has half an allotment. They did a wonderful FEAST in 2005 The coordinator is learning support worker AndyBeagley[at]
Telferscot School has an allotment run by parent and TTB supporter Victoria Bridges. Help is needed.

Eco Schools

Groundwork Southwark are promoting the Ecoschools in Lambeth. Ecoschools are great. TTB has an excellent video made by WWF about real schools’ experiences of becoming ecoschools. You are welcome to borrow it if you think you could use it to inspire schools. Here is a list of existing Ecoschools in Lambeth.

Visit WWF’s excellent learning site). The Pathways for Change coordinator Anna Birney is excellent and works locally. She would come and speak, inspiringly, if we arranged a schools sustainability event.

Climate Change Action Programme in Lambeth Schools

Save our World is presenting this lively show for years 3-6 in Lambeth primary schools this November. We meet the schools first to encourage them to become Ecoschools and to have an energy saving project that the kids can share in. The show is fun and participatory and full of ideas of how the children can get active saving energy. We are looking for a new cast for 2008, a new director and people to champion and support this programme into Local schools. If you can help any of these schools please get in touch Macaulay School Tues 30 Oct; Clapham Manor School Weds 31 Oct; St Immanuel’s and St Andrews Thurs 1 Nov; Herbert Morrison Thurs 1 Nov; Stockwell Primary School Fri 2 Nov

Lambeth Schools Admin Officers’ Meeting, Wed 21 Nov

Duncan from TTB will be addressing this meeting on Climate Change and Peak Oil and the measures schools can take to reduce their impact and build it into their education process. Any advice or assistance gratefully received.

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