Economy and Business group minutes – Tuesday 13th January 2009

Duncan Law
Hannah Lewis
Mamading Ceesay
Sue Bell

Rhian is from the Comms group. Does media relations for a sustainablity organization as her day job. Introduced herself and was introduced to the present members of the group.

Visioning and EDAP
Need to move forward on the EDAP and there are EDAP planning guidelines that Duncan will provide a link to. Mamading has started looking into background material for the E & B section of the EDAP. Hannah was keen that we didn’t do visioning without input from others.

Business Communication
We could put together a Trader’s Survival Guide to the Credit Crunch with endorsements from key local players. There is a draft Economy and Business leaflet that could be circulated to traders and local businesses. Rhian will be looking into drafting a survey that could be circulated or taken to local businesses. What about Brixton Green and Remade in Brixton? Lambeth Business Support Network?

Tesco Expansion
Duncan reported back on what has happened. Movement towards a February debate addressing the Tesco expansion. Mamading put forward the importance of creating a compelling positive vision. Rhian said that it could be the basis of a number of opinion pieces. The proposed event was discussed and it evolved into a potential scenario planning or Open Space event.

Wedge Card
Rhian offered the possibility of an opinion piece on a Brixton Wedge Card.

B:Elecric proposal
Rhian will forward to the Comms group for their consideration. Rhian was keen on the idea of B:Electric as a broadcast and engagement tool

Any Other Business
Sue suggested that a Community Economics event could be organised looking at all the various forms of exchange and possible responses to the Credit Crunch.

Next meeting
Tuesday 3rd February

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