Building and Energy Group

June 09 Key points from Buildings & Energy meeting on May 26th

Canton Arms, South Lambeth Road Present: Chris, Martin, Toni, Adam, Ed, Jeremy Cavanagh At the start of the meeting Chris gave an overview of the ASSA Climate Action Network activities at the start of the meeting.

1. Strategic Goals for 2009

The priorities set in November 2008 were

1. Develop the group’s collective knowledge of the resources that currently exist to assist people in improving the energy performance of their homes (as a first step to promoting these resources).

2. Develop a presentation for use with community groups.

3. Start a process of engagement with LBL about the Local Development Framework and Future Brixton masterplan.

4. Develop a brief with LBL for the Roupell Park energy centre.

It was agreed that these priorities needed updating.

Strategic Goals 2009

1. People – To develop a presentation for use with community groups

2. Lambeth’s Plans – Review and influence Lambeth’s Local Development Framework

3. General – To make use of Lambeth’s Green Communities Champions Officer

4. Skills – To organise skills training in domestic energy efficiency skills (basic plumbing, DIY etc)

2. Training and Reskilling

Planning to put on a course titled an Introduction to Sustainable Energy in the Home. We have a tutor but need a venue and decide a date in August, probably the first Saturday. Spoken to Lambeth College about them putting on intro courses in plumbing, electrical skills and DIY.

3. Library House

Steve Bradley is keen to turn Library House, a large detached Victorian residential property next to Minet Library, into an exemplar property for energy efficiency measures. It could also be an educational facility. The group agreed that they should support it in anyway that they could but noted that the project was going to be primarily a Lambeth council initiative.

4. Low Carbon Zones

Chris explained that Lambeth will be short-listing three areas in the borough to submit as Low Carbon Zones to the GLA. The submissions are due July 31st with the decision being made in September. Lambeth hopes to get at least one Low Carbon Zone. TTB will watch progress and participate once a decision is made. We will contribute as necessary to the application process.

5. CERT money

Adam explained that the major energy suppliers are obliged to spend a certain (large) amount on energy efficiency in residential properties and suggested TTB should take advantage of this potential funding source.

It was agreed that each member present would write to an energy supplier asking them to offer a package of home energy efficiency measures which could be marketed to the Transition Town email list. The best offer would be taken and sent out. The job of writing to energy suppliers was allocated as Toni (EDF), Martin (Scottish and Southern), Chris (British Gas), Adam (Powergen/E.on), Ed (trade group), Jeremy (nPower and Scottish Power). Chris will write a standard email. Note: All electricity and gas suppliers who operate in the household market and have more than 50,000 customers are legally obliged to reduce the carbon emissions from their customer base by agreeing with the market regulator, Ofgem, a series of measures and installations which are installed in houses. The obligation, since 2008 known as the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT), means energy suppliers have to meet a carbon reduction target by 2012. The obligation also states that 40% of the measures must be installed in the ‘priority group’ households. These are identified by what are known as ‘passport benefits’—i.e. housing benefit, unemployment benefit, households with pensioners etc.

It is worth noting that the scheme is funded by suppliers adding a levy (not seen on bills which cause concerns from some commentators). It is estimated that the cost to the ‘average’ household of all environmental levies added to their bill is in the region of £40/yr/fuel (so around £80 a year for customers with gas and electricity accounts).

More info on CERT:

6. Wood recycling project

Toni gave an overview of a wood recycling project being started in Lambeth. The project will collect wood and recycle it at the same time as reskilling the unemployed. The man putting the project together is looking for premises. No one knew of any potential premises of an adequate size. 7. AOB Chris announced that he would not be able to continue as a full time convenor of the group due to other commitments. IT was agreed that the group would use a rotating convenor for three months at a time. Toni Scott kindly agreed to convene for the next three months. It was agreed that the Buildings and Energy group should contribute to the Lambeth Country Show on July 18th and 19th. We would determine the contribution at the next meeting and by the next meeting we would find out what other TTB presence there would be.

8. Next Meeting

July 2nd, Trinity Arms, Brixton

May 09 Key points from Buildings & Energy meeting on May 5th

7pm Trinity Arms. Present: Chris, Tom, Floyd, Sue, Toni, Jenny, Martin, Adam

We started off with a great energy game designed to raise awareness about the relative energy use of different domestic appliances and to get conversations going about energy at neighbourhood meetings. Please contact Sue if you’d like to know more about this game ( For a group of ‘experts’ we did OK but perhaps not as well as we should!

1. Training and reskilling

Sue outlined the Global Action Plan EcoTeams event: The event will take place on July 11th 10am-2.30pm. Contact Sue ( Global Action Plan are offering to run eco-teams (up to 30) with voluntary groups in Lambeth. They need one voluntary group to be the umbrella body – it can’t be the Council or we would have to pay. We agreed the umbrella body should be TT Brixton. An introduction to eco teams is via the link below. Eco-teams would then run September to December.

Adam outlined the reskilling opportunities. The TTB Buildings and Energy relevant course include: Introduction to Plumbing, Solar Power, Wind Power, Solar Water, Sustainable Water and Sewage, Building with Timber, Introduction to Sustainable Energy in the Home. A full list can be found here: We discussed the need to ensure quality of delivery and trainers although many courses would have the aegis of the host organisation such as LILI or Hackney City Farm. We also discussed the potential to market the courses at places like B&Q and other DIY goods suppliers to reach a wider audience. For more information, contact Adam (

2. Green Communities Event, June 8th Sue described the forthcoming Green Communities Event in Lambeth Town Hall: The event will run from 6.30-9pm and will raise awareness of green communities in Lambeth and promote links between Lambeth officers and volunteers in community groups. There will be an energy area/stall as well as stalls on waste, food and transport. A number of our members are forming neighbourhood groups so this is a great opportunity to bring neighbours along and for them to be inspired. Contact Sue ( if you would like to help out on the night or contribute.

3. Finalising the Heat and Energy Saving the Consultation feedback (due May 8th)

No further comments from the group on the document. The consultation feedback has been submitted.

4. GLA Low Carbon Zones programme (potential bid for an area in Lambeth to be a pilot for the Zones)

Jenny, Sue and Chris will follow up with Lambeth and try to get Lambeth to submit proposals for Low Carbon Zones to the GLA.

April 09 Key points from Buildings & Energy meeting on April 1st

7pm Hambrook House. Present: Chris, Martin, Clem, Sue, Jon, Jenny, Brigid, Paul Lewis of Self Energy

1. Heat and Energy Saving Consultation

Chris went through the summary document of the DECC Heat and Energy Saving consultation with the group. He noted that the input so far had come primarily from the smaller group that had met at Will’s house on March 28th. A number of the responses were discussed and some of this feedback has gone into the attached document or requests have been sent to the relevant people for input on specific areas.

2. Training and Neighbourhood Events

We agreed CAFÉ training would be good and would be a way for us to take energy advice back into our own communities/neighbourhoods. We had a good discussion about how we want to approach outreach and most felt they wanted to be enabled to do more in their neighbourhoods, rather than reach out to other neighbourhood. Sue can invite her green champions to the training and recruit new green champions at the training. We want to include an element at the end that is about encouraging people to do an event in their community – discussing what that event might be (eg energy awareness evening, film, talk) and pinning people down a bit. Sue has also been approached about Global Action Plan about running eco teams in Lambeth. They would train team leaders. It’s all free and right up our street.

Subsequent to the meeting Sue Sheehan has been informed about to other training opportunities: Carbon Descent is asking for our (TTB Building and Energy Group’s) input on Ecostiler. The CAFÉ training might take some time to access given operational issues with the programme so Will Anderson has suggested the Ecostiler and maybe the Global Action Plan training might be better for TTB people. Nigel Haselden also mentioned some other free training Urban Design London, and Open House Training. He is keen to get councillors and officers on some of this training so that could link into CAFÉ and others too.

4. June 8th Green Communities Open Evening

Sue Sheehan is organising an open evening (6.30-9pm) to raise awareness of green communities in Lambeth and promote links between Lambeth officers and volunteers in community groups. There will be an ‘energy’ area/stall. We can borrow demonstration materials from Hyde Farm CAN and get conversations going with community group representatives and council officers about how to increase the take-up of draught-proofing, insulation, low energy lighting etc. Possibly also some renewables… A number of our members are forming neighbourhood groups so this is a great opportunity to bring neighbours along and for them to be inspired…

5. AOB

Steve Bradley is keen to turn Library House, a large detached Victorian residential property next to Minet Library, into an exemplar property for energy efficiency measures offering training to long-term unemployed in the process. It could also be an educational facility.

MAR 09 Key points from Buildings & Energy meeting on March 17th

7pm, Kings Acre Church, Lyham Road. Present: Will, Martin, Toni, Stephen, Jill, Geff, Adrian, Sue, Jon

1. Roupell Park

Toni reported that she and other members of the Roupell Park steering group had met with residents of the estate. Interest had been shown in the Energy Centre and in using the land around it for allotments. However the CHP plant has still not been commissioned and, according to the Lambeth officer overseeing the development, “contractual, procurement and budget issues are emerging that could complicate the Energy Centre development process”. This means that TTB can only perform a watching brief for now.

Martin and Toni had visited the Green Living Centre in Islington, a possible model for the Roupell Park Centre. They reported that the information displayed was impressive but there was not much evidence of anyone taking an interest in it.

2. Beat the Cold leaflet

Will reported that this had been completed with the help of Taus. Jill agreed to take copies to local shops. Will agreed to take copies to the Clapham and Brixton libraries. Other group members are encouraged to distribute it where they can.

3. Sue Sheehan’s new role

Sue is now the Green Communities Champion for Lambeth and is keen to support the development of five or six low carbon communities in the borough, following the model of Hyde Farm CAN. She sees her role as getting a conversation going within neighbourhoods and providing appropriate support, as informally as possible. She will also be valuable as a ‘friend from the council’.

4. Community energy outreach

The group reviewed the training presentation developed by Jenny Banks for Lambeth and discussed the various resources brought from Hyde Farm. However there were not enough people present who were willing to commit to a role providing community training, so Will agreed to convene a separate meeting with people who could make this commitment.

5. AOB

Jon reported that Lambeth libraries were now making energy feedback meters available on loan. The borough’s Credit Crunch Taskforce is also proposing to make Lambeth an Energy Action Zone.

Will reported that Chris Morrison was keen for TTB to respond to the national consultation on the new Heat and Energy Saving Strategy from the Dept of Energy and Climate Change. Will agreed to ask Chris to draft a response.

6. Next meeting and group convenor

Will can no longer convene weekday meetings because he will be working away from London during the week for the foreseeable future. The group threfore needs one or more co-convenors.

Jon agreed to host the next meeting in his office (to be confirmed). The meeting will take place on Wednesday April 1st.

FEB 09 Next meeting of Buildings and Energy group – Tuesday 17th March, 7pm

Please join us at the next meeting of the Buildings and Energy group when we will be pulling together our collective wisdom to create the beginnings of a flexible training package for community outreach on domestic energy issues.

The meeting will take place from 7pm to 9pm in the King’s Acre Methodist Church, 59 Lyham Road, SW2 5DH. The church is at the junction of Lyham Road and Mauleverer Road. All welcome.

FEB 09 Beat the Cold leaflet launched

The leaflet that the group contributed to at the last meeting is now available. It is one side of A4 so easy to copy and distribute. Please forward it (physically or electronically) where you can.

Beat the Cold

JAN 09 Roupell Park Energy Centre development

Members of the TTB Buildings and Energy Group are actively involved in the steering group for the proposed Roupell Park Energy Centre. A meeting of this group was held on 6th January. The following documents record the meeting:

BE Roupell Park Jan09 minutes

BE Roupell Park Jan09 workshop A

BE Roupell Park Jan09 workshop B

JAN 09 Become an energy outreach trainer for Transition Town Brixton

At the last meeting of the group we identified the need for:

a) an event on the Roupell Park estate to get local people interested in energy issues and involved in the Roupell Park Energy Centre; b) a training package to encourage the development of neighbourhood groups (like Hyde Farm); and c) a training package for general community outreach

Consequently, at the subgroup meeting today (15 Jan), we decided we should take this forward more actively. So we propose using the next meeting of the Buildings and Energy Group (on 17th Feb, venue tbc) to pull together everything we collectively know (and have) to make a presentation. Jenny Banks will begin by giving her basic energy efficiency presentation. If you have ideas or resources or interesting show-and-tell items, do bring them and we will put them in the pot and stir it all up.

It’s a first step. We also want to ask people to commit to being regular energy outreach trainers. We hope to raise funds so that those who do will be able to attend the training run by National Energy Action.

Could you be a regular energy outreach trainer for Transition Town Brixton? If so, can you attend one of the ‘draught-busting saturdays’ coming up at Hyde Farm? We reckon this would be a great practical introduction and Hyde Farm CAN are keen to transfer their skills and experience to the wider community in Lambeth. The dates are Saturday 31st January and 14th Feb, from 10.00am. Please contact Sue Sheehan ( if you would like to attend.

JAN 09 January meeting of the Buildings and Energy Group

The January meeting of the group was held on Wednesday, 7th in the Town Hall. The notes are TTB BE Jan09 (pdf)

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 17th February, venue to be confirmed.

DEC 08 Response to Lambeth LDF Sustainability Appraisal consultation

At the last meeting of the Buildings and Energy Group a subgroup identified key points of response to the local consultation on the new evaluation framework for the sustainability of the forthcoming LDF (Local Development Framework), the primary planning framework for Lambeth. See the entry below for more details.

Here is the response prepared by Will following the meeting and submitted to Lambeth: TTB response (pdf).

NOV 08 Key points from November meeting of Buildings & Energy Group

November 20th, Vida Walsh Centre, Brixton

We took forward three areas of work: the LDF consultation, the Roupell Park Energy Centre and the development of community outreach.

1. LDF consultation

We definitely need to respond to the consultation on the scoping document for the Sustainability Appraisal for the new Local Development Framework (phew). This document sets out the sustainability objectives which the LDF will be judged by. But the subgroup that examined these objectives did not feel they were adequate.

Will will prepare a response based on the discussion at the meeting. If anyone else would like to comment, please follow the link below (in the big entry on the LDF). The document is huge (166 pages) but it is mostly appendices. The objectives are on pages 16-26 with the environmental objectives on page 20.

2. Roupell Park

The following are the notes from the subgroup that considered the development of the Energy Centre at Roupell Park:

What will be on display?

Members of group to visit Islington energy centre / Bedzed / Parity projects to get a view on good ways to display engaging material/ bring back ideas –

Action- all who can find time

What should be on displays? issues

• List in draft brief to include info on global warming local best practice project, and be developed once visit made to other centres.

• How do we demonstrate CHP when it can’t be seen as inside container?

• Do Perkins or Dan fosse have model of a CHP?

• Display could be at 2 eye levels for adults / children

What’s in the building / what happens there?

• Toni has experience of managing visitor’s sites

• Visitors sign in / feedback to provide data to back up grant bids?

• Can we develop a standard tour and presentation for different audiences?

• NB Schools can do their own risk assessments

• Need serious planning of events for children and other audiences

• Staff training needed

• Can we obtain 2nd hand desk /chairs while ensuring a professional feel to the place?

External funding / sponsorship

Concern re ethics of only approaching E’on for sponsorship – are they genuinely trying to be a green company? Some people didn’t want their logo on the centre

Action- Jon to review issue

Other issues

Rooflights and if any new windows need to be open able for ventilation Action Jon / Gabrielle ask Architect to advise Other internal detail issues / proposals for Architects

Action – Francis to advise Jon by email

Involve other TTB groups in future

How do we go forward?

Project sub group to be arranged- this can develop brief, take forward ideas and actions and provide progress updates to TTB E&B Group

Action- Jon / Gabrielle

Key outstanding action To discuss hopes for the centre with Roupell Park RMC representatives and seek their support and engagement

Action- Jon / Toni / Mark

Duncan’s planting ideas for the Centre are here

3. Community outreach

The key issue appears to be tailoring presentations to meet the needs of different groups. The community outreach subgroup will work with Rhiann (from the Comms Group) to identify community contacts and get a sense of what people would value. It may be good to meet with groups before running the presentations/workshops.


The next meeting will take place on Wednesday January 7th at 7pm. Venue to be confirmed.

NOV 08 Next meeting of Buildings & Energy Group

The next meeting of the TTB Buildings and Energy Group will take place on Thursday 20 November at 7pm at the Vida Walsh Centre, 2 Saltoun Road, Brixton SW2 1EP (first building on right entering Saltoun Road from Effra Road).

We agreed to break into four groups to work on our four priorities:

1. Develop the group’s collective knowledge of the resources that currently exist to assist people in improving the energy performance of their homes (as a first step to promoting these resources).

2. Develop a presentation for use with community groups.

3. Start a process of engagement with LBL about the Local Development Framework and Future Brixton masterplan.

4. Develop a brief with LBL for the Roupell Park energy centre.

Hope to see you there. See below for an update on priorities 3 & 4.

NOV 08 Local Development Framework Sustainability Appraisal – consultation

Further to our priority #3, Lambeth is currently consulting on its Sustainability Appraisal (SA) Scoping Report for the new Local Development Framework (the big overarching planning strategy currently in development). The following is from the Planning Department:

”The aim of the SA process is to assess the overall environmental, social and economic impact of development plan documents to ensure that policies contribute towards achieving sustainable development. The process will test the overall strategy and each policy against sustainability objectives.

Scoping forms the initial stage of the SA process and consists of the collection of baseline data and information on other plans, policies and programmes that can have an influence on the production of the LDF. The data collected sets the context for the appraisal and helps to identify the key sustainability issues, objectives and targets for Lambeth and establishes the framework for the SA.

The SA Scoping Report for the Core Strategy, which has been prepared by CAG Consultants and ENVIRON for the London Borough of Lambeth, is now available on the Council’s website:–SustainabilityAppraisalScopingReportConsultation.htm

We would like to gain a wide range of views on the issues presented as well as the Sustainability Appraisal framework set out in the Scoping Report. While we would welcome your comments on all aspects of the Report, consultees are particularly invited to respond on the following questions:

- In light of the scope of the Local Development Framework, are there any additional relevant strategies, plans, programmes or other policy documents that should be taken into account?

- Are there any other key sources of data or information that are missing?

- Are you aware of any inaccuracies in the baseline data set out in the Report?

- Do you agree with the key sustainability issues that have been identified? Are there any key sustainability issues that are missing, or that need amending?

- What changes, if any, would you like to see to the Sustainability Appraisal Objectives?

- What changes, if any, would you like to see to the Sustainability Appraisal Framework and proposals for its use to assess options?

Comments should be submitted in writing by 5pm Monday 8th December 2008.”

Nov 08 Roupell Park Energy Centre

TTB has already contributed to the development of the basic terms of the contract for this project. We were asked at very short notice to suggest changes to the following terms (not the full spec):

”Task 12.9 is to build an Energy Centre on the Roupell Park Estate that will be used as an education and information centre. The centre will provide information to visitors on the new CHP unit, the District Heating scheme, energy efficiency advice and renewable technologies installed on the estate.

Also included in this work package is the design and fabrication of displays that will show:

- Details of the new CHP unit including the benefits and improvements

- Details of the District Heating scheme and how it improves the comfort of residents in the winter

- Energy efficiency advice for residents

- Details of renewable technologies installed and how they work

- Details of the Ecostiler project and how the Ecostiler project helped Lambeth to reduce energy use and carbon emissions

- How the work carried out in Lambeth is part of a much larger Europe wide programme of work

The centre will be run by the London Borough of Lambeth in partnership with Transition Town Brixton by trained volunteers. Support will be sought from local Lambeth based businesses, particularly those that offer sustainable products or services to ensure the ongoing use of the centre.”

Will responded:

Residents may be interested in how the new system at Roupell Park works but the primary focus ought to be on actions they can pursue themselves, especially if the aim is to draw in people from further afield. So I would expand the third and fourth bullet points on the following lines:

- Information and advice about improving the thermal performance of homes (e.g. insulation, draught-proofing, efficient heating systems, controls, passive cooling)

- Information and advice about reducing electricity consumption (e.g. low energy lighting, energy efficient appliances, smart metering).

- Information and advice about the use of renewable and low-carbon technologies in the home (e.g. solar panels, photovoltaics, wind turbines, wood burners).

- Information and advice about reducing indirect energy consumption ( e.g. changes to water use, food purchases, travel choices, recycling)

- Information and advice about sustainable construction and renovation.

Duncan responded:

How much space will there be? I would like it to be able to provide energy saving measures. eg.

- the ‘bulb library’ that Hyde Farm CAN have would be one example, a low energy bulb for every awkward application available to buy.

- to have storage space for things like rolls of draft strip, radiator panels.

- to have examples of DIY installations and enable inspired people to order materials there and then from local suppliers. Ideally in the long term beneficial discount relationship with local fitters and suppliers would be negotiated and we would have a warehouse to store insulation and off-cuts that would normally be ditched.

- to build a relationship with Green Homes Concierge.

- a directory of solutions people have found that can be visited. eg my solar panel round the corner…

OCT 08 First meeting of new TTB Buildings and Energy group

Following the successful Great Unleashing of Transition Town Brixton the first meeting of the new Buildings and Energy Group took place on 21 October 2008. Participants explored a range of possibilities for action and identified the following priorities:

1. Develop the group’s collective knowledge of the resources that currently exist to assist people in improving the energy performance of their homes (as a first step to promoting these resources).

2. Develop a presentation for use with community groups.

3. Start a process of engagement with LBL about the Local Development Framework and Future Brixton masterplan.

4. Develop a brief with LBL for the Roupell Park energy centre.

The full notes from the meeting are here (pdf).

MAR 08 Bioregional One Planet Living brainstorm initial notes.

On Wednesday 3 TTBrixtonites joined people from Lambeth Regeneration and Sustainability teams, Stock Woolstencroft the architects/Master Planners, and consultants from Bioregional to brainstorm how we can build future sustainability right throughout the Master Plan. Download the initial notes. Some of them are a bit cryptic but there are some good ideas in there.

Final report here

Other Urgent Built Environment Consultations

Friday 14 March for ideas for community benefit projects that might be funded out of Section 106 planning gain money that Lambeth gets out of big developers doing work in the area.

Monday 17 March to identify any planning issues or policies that need revising in the Local Development Framework (see section below), the planning bible that will replace the current UDP in 2009. It is important that TTB puts down markers that tackling climate change and preparing for an energy lean world are central issues for planning.

Weblinks to follow. For the moment please prepare your input and contact about where to send it.

FUTURE BRIXTON consultation

1. FUTURE BRIXTON is the plan for physical regeneration of the Brixton Area. TTB has been asked to be present at the consultation workshops to inform people about the issues of Climate Change and Peak Oil and make sure they are present in the discussions. The first workshop is this Saturday 9 February, 2-5pm in the Assembly Room in Lambeth Town Hall and will be focussing on Brixton High Street. The consultation will start with a Visioning Framework, which is not yet online. The research information informing the consultation is available here. You can contact FUTURE BRIXTON with your comments. The questionnaire is not yet online.

In-depth workshop sessions will look at the overall proposals as well as specific area projects. Sessions will last approximately 2 ½ hours and refreshments will be provided. To book a place please call on 0800 052 6336 or email // <![CDATA[
// ]]>

  • High Street area – Saturday 9 February, 2–5pm, Assembly Hall, Lambeth Town Hall
  • Somerleyton Road area – Tuesday 19 February, 7–10pm, Southwyck Hall, Moorlands Road
  • Brixton Hill area – Thursday 21 February, 7–10pm, Assembly Hall, Lambeth Town Hall
  • Brixton Exchange area – Saturday 23 February, 12 noon–3pm, Karibu Centre, Gresham Road
  • Brixton Station Road area – Wednesday 27 February, 7.30–10pm, Brixton Rec
  • Brixton Markets area – Saturday 1 March, 12 noon–3pm, Karibu Centre, Gresham Road

Lambeth has recently commissioned Bioregional Development Group (creators of Beddington Zero Energy Development or BedZED) to build their One Planet Living framework into the Master Plan This is very positive news. One Planet Living has 10 principles:

  1. Zero carbon
  2. Zero waste
  3. Sustainable transport
  4. Sustainable materials
  5. Local and sustainable food
  6. Sustainable water
  7. Natural habitats and wildlife
  8. Culture and heritage
  9. Equity and fair trade
  10. Health and happiness

TTB can inform the specifics and make sure that we insist on designing for localisation and genuine zero carbon. This is an opportunity for working groups to draw up the principles of future design out of their visioning so far and any specific ideas that will contribute to a better low energy future Brixton, a genuine sustainable

Lambeth Sustainable Community Strategy

This is the foundation document of the Local Development Framework (see below)

Local Development Framework

2. The Local Development Framework consultation. The LDF is the core strategy that will replace the Unitary Development Plan as the key policy document by which future planning decisions will be judged. It will include area action plans. Consultation on various key aspects of this is happening now. It is imperative that TTB has imput to this or a ‘future inappropriate’ set of planning policies may be set in stone. The consultation on Issues and Options for the core strategy will begin very soon and will be short. If you would like to input to that please email and you will be put on a mailing list and sent information as it come out. TTB wants to organise a coordinated response from each working group to inform the whole agenda but individuals contributions are also important. TheLocal Development Scheme document sets out the plan and timetable for the various parts.

Report back from Open Meeting, Assembly Room,1.10.07

Margaret Creer(convenor), Phil and (please fill in)

The Vision for the Future

  • Brixton twinned with a rural area to provide much wind, solar and perhaps tidal energy
  • All old buildings in brixton retrofitted with appropriate insulation, heating etc
  • All new buildings, which will nevertheless be affordable, perfectly insulated, using local sustainable materials
  • Efficient use of waste water
  • People will have high degree of self-sufficiency in maintenance
  • Excellent planning and design ensuring that buildings are centred round community hubs with good shops etc AND/ OR that good transport inks and safe cycling are provided

How Will it Work to Make a Really Good Operation?

  • TTB influencing the council and to some extent central Government and the EU
  • TTB drawing on ideas from, and supported by, other Transition Towns
  • Consultation of stakeholders will be key
    • Residents’ groups
    • Businesses
    • All owners of buildings – schools, council, individuals


  • TTB approach Council with the Woking Standards for new build
  • TTB press for incentive schemes for energy-saving measures eg council tax reduced
  • TTB press for twinning with a rural area

Steps that Might be Taken Immediately

  • Bulk buy some insulation – get it sponsored
  • Identify people in TTB with Victorian property they’re about to redecorate
  • Use Parity Projects as adviser
  • Find out General Election candidates’ positions on building insulation etc

Afterthought re the second and third to last bullets: What seems key is that, starting with the people in the Built Environment group we each start to identify and implement concrete changes to make our homes more energy-efficient. These changes will range from draught proofing right up to maximum insulation etc as provided by Parity Projects. If we can’t find anyone who wants to do major stuff, maybe we need to seek them out, advertise or whatever

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