Brixton Pound Aims and Values Consultation

The Brixton Pound Group, the steering group of the Brixton Pound, has decided to officially ‘incorporate’ ie become an official registered limited liability company with clear community aims. In the new year we will be finalising our Articles of Association. We want to get as much input as possible from ‘stakeholders’, local users and traders, into what our aims and values should be. A draft/first thoughts are posted below. Please feel to edit or add. See below for guidelines. The deadline for contributions is 15 January. The Brixton Pound Group will then process the contributions into a final mission statement to be submitted to Companies House by the end of January. To learn more about the role and responsibilities of a CIC director go here.

Getting involved with B£

If you would like to become active with the Brixton Pound Group please email with JOIN B£ in the subject box. If you would like to be considered to become a director of the CIC please fill in the form here explaining why and what skills you would bring. We will contact you early 2010 to discuss. Brixton Pound Aims and Values Statement

You can collaborate on the aims and values document using our wiki – it’s as easy as typing. If you wish to be notified of the results of the consultation or to be available for further consultation please email us.


The B£ will make money work for Brixton by supporting smaller shops and traders who are under threat from the recession and larger chains. It will stay in Brixton and circulate, increasing local trade and community connections. Money spent with independent businesses circulates within the local economy up to three times longer than when it’s spent with national chains, research by nef has shown.

The B£ will encourage people to think about where their money is going and commit to spending a proportion of it locally. It will help to maintain the diversity and uniqueness of Brixton’s shops and market and build pride in Brixton. On the environmental front, the Brixton Pound group will support local businesses in sourcing more goods and services locally, reducing their carbon footprint.

Aims include

* Help protect jobs and livelihoods of community members within Brixton through developing a strong local economy
* Support and build diversity and resilience in the local Brixton economy in light of a recession and chain store dominance
* Raise community awareness of the local Brixton economy
* Encourage and facilitate a self help model and ethos in order to protect the social and financial futures of the residents of Brixton
* Encourage local sourcing of goods to decrease CO2 emissions
* Raise Brixton’s profile regionally and nationally and contribute to positive perceptions of Brixton by drawing attention to its strong community, diverse economy and capacity for innovation
* Promote the discussion of the necessity (and benefits) of Localisation in Brixton and more widely

* Open and inclusive
* Respectful
* Honest
* Inclusive and equitable consensus decision making
* Seeking creative and inclusive solution
Ground Rules for Meetings

* Appreciative Awareness – I will pay curious attention to myself and others.
* Authentic Communication – I will speak authentically and listen for others’ truths today.
* Creative Responsibility – I will focus on creating what I want rather than blaming myself or others.
* Impeccable Agreements – I will make clear agreements and either keep them or change them.
(One hand up means I want to speak. Two hands up means I have a point for information. Waving hands means agreement.)

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