Beekeeping: Sign up to our introductory course

LATE NEWS: THE COURSE HAS BEEN SET UP for 31st July – see invite on project dirt

We are in the process of setting up our own Brixton community hives, and are also arranging a course on bee keeping. Below you will find details of the course and an online form to register your interest in attending.

Please note that for obvious reasons we cannot permit anyone with known bee allergies to attend.

What does the course cover? The course will give an overview of the practise of beekeeping and is aimed as a starter course for those who are potentially interested in either starting up their own hives and or helping with community hives.

How long does it take and when is it? The course is normally delivered as 4 classes each of 2 hours + an apiary (bee hive) session. To allow for busy schedules we will be doing the course for a full day on a Saturday in June. You can indicate your availability for the Saturdays in June (and beyond) in the sign up sheet below.

Where is it? Depending on final numbers and availability the course will take place in either Essex or Sussex, 30 mins and 50mins outside of london by train respectively and tickets range from £9-£15 for an open return.

Do I need any specialist equipment to attend? No equipment is needed to attend the course just suitable attire to keep the bees out. You will be provided with a special bee head net and it is very rare that anyone is ever stung although we can’t guarentee anything.

What to wear

HIDING LEGS: full length trousers (absolutely no blue and that includes jeans – “blue” apparently means “sting me” in bee language)

HIDING ANKLES: socks and preferably boots/wellies to tuck your trousers into

HIDING ARMS: full sleeved top( again no blue and no baggy stuff, tighter the better so we’re told)

How do I sign up? If you are interested in attending the course, please fill in the form below. The form is just to register your interest, we will email everyone who completes the form by the end of May when a course has been confirmed.

Register interest for TTB Bees

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