Brixton Green Map and Urban Agriculture Project ‘ABUNDANCE

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Brixton Green Map and Urban Agriculture Project ‘ABUNDANCE’
(Activating Barren Urban Niches for Daring Agricultural Networks of Creativity and Endeavour)


To contribute to the beginings of the Brixton Green Spaces Map, click see details TTB in partnership with the Development Planning Unit at UCL (lead by TTB member Robert Biel) has been awarded funding from Urban Buzz for the ABUNDANCE Project.\\ It has 2 strands:

  1. a green map of Brixton surveying potential growing space, especially in estates and including rooftops and even vertical space.
  2. a demonstration Urban Agriculture (UA) project based at the allotments on the Guinness Trust Estate off Loughborough Park Road. Potential ‘Brixton Growing Communities’ will be invited to see what is possible on their land. It will be a focus and site for Permaculture education and learning from the Global South where they have done the urban agriculture experiment. See the full project description

A first meeting to scope out the project was held on Sat 27 October was attended by 25 people. Prof. Yves Cabbanne of UCL, international expert on Urban Agriculture showed a film about UA projects in Latin America. He is an expert in participatory planning. The meeting was also attended by local mapping experts and Mikey Tomkins whose MSc on Urban Food Growing in South London featured the Guiness Trust Estate Allotments.

If you would like to join in either part of the project please email with ABUNDANCE in the subject line.

Guinness Trust Buildings, Guinness Trust Estate, Loughborough Park Road, Brixton, SW9 8NL

See some of the outcomes of the meeting Part-time job opportunity: assistant coordinator. See job descriptionjob description

Resources and people;

There is a London Green Map
Guy Shrubsole has already begun a

Brixton Green Map based on Google Maps
Christian Nold a specialist in emotional maps of cities
Andy Gibson at is keen to be involved in the mapping side and to see how our map could connect with their map of teachers and learners.
Volunteers to survey, research, map, make community contacts…

Dr Robert Biel; UA specialist
Prof Yves Cabanne: Mapping and UA specialist
Annaliese Garrett: Guiness Trust Estate resident and Permaculture Designer
Estate residents and Volunteers to learn about UA, plan site, clear, plant, maintain and harvest
The Urban Agriculture Network
Growing Communities based in Hackney
Growing Power in Chicago
Urban Farming project in Middlesborough
Conference on Urban Food with loads of resources
The Power of Community – How Cuba Survived Peak Oil. Inspiring film.

The project will culminate in a weekend event at the demonstration site for potential ‘growing communities’ identified during the mapping to see what they could do with their space.

Learning from international experience is vital. We will be hosting a visit by leading international urban agriculture specialist Marielle Dubbeling at the end of October.

Marielle is Co-ordinator on capacity building for the Resource Centres on Urban Agriculture and Food Security (RUAF). She has worked as Field co-ordinator for the project on ‘Making the Edible Landscape” promoting the integration of urban agriculture into urban design and construction in Rosario (Argentina), Kampala (Uganda) and Colombo (Sri Lanka); as Urban agriculture advisor for UN-Habitat Urban Management Programme, Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean; and on many other projects.
one of Marielle’s recent articles on participatory planning for urban agriculture

More details soon!


  1. Have a meeting of as many stakeholders as possible, including residents of Guinness Trust Estate, to map out project, so we can hit the ground running if we get the funding in November and plan alternatives strategies if we don’t.
  2. Research what is happening elsewhere and what networks can help us. (see above and add to the list)
  3. Make contact with Lambeth
  4. Interview Alf and other residents who remember the estate with war-time allotments.
  5. Set some ‘design conditions’ for the Brixton Green Map. Here’s a start. It should:
  • Interface with London Green Map
  • Be database driven on the web
  • Be able to map areas of land
  • Be easy and flexible to input data
  • Be able to have layers of detail so you can look at all food projects and maybe search among them for growing projects, look at people with wants, people with offers… (we’d have to define catagories, or maybe use keywords)
  • Be able to contain quite a lot of detail about, say an area of land so that we don’t have to have a separate database, land control/ownership, type of land and current vegetation, communities near, even history of dealings in the course of the food growing project

Please add functionality that you think would be desirable.

Please add STEPS we have forgotten or overlooked.

There is a general greenmapping site at which I haven’t visited in ages.

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