MAR 09 Key points from Buildings & Energy meeting on March 17th

7pm, Kings Acre Church, Lyham Road. Present: Will, Martin, Toni, Stephen, Jill, Geff, Adrian, Sue, Jon

1. Roupell Park

Toni reported that she and other members of the Roupell Park steering group had met with residents of the estate. Interest had been shown in the Energy Centre and in using the land around it for allotments. However the CHP plant has still not been commissioned and, according to the Lambeth officer overseeing the development, “contractual, procurement and budget issues are emerging that could complicate the Energy Centre development process”. This means that TTB can only perform a watching brief for now.

Martin and Toni had visited the Green Living Centre in Islington, a possible model for the Roupell Park Centre. They reported that the information displayed was impressive but there was not much evidence of anyone taking an interest in it.

2. Beat the Cold leaflet

Will reported that this had been completed with the help of Taus. Jill agreed to take copies to local shops. Will agreed to take copies to the Clapham and Brixton libraries. Other group members are encouraged to distribute it where they can.

3. Sue Sheehan’s new role

Sue is now the Green Communities Champion for Lambeth and is keen to support the development of five or six low carbon communities in the borough, following the model of Hyde Farm CAN. She sees her role as getting a conversation going within neighbourhoods and providing appropriate support, as informally as possible. She will also be valuable as a ‘friend from the council’.

4. Community energy outreach

The group reviewed the training presentation developed by Jenny Banks for Lambeth and discussed the various resources brought from Hyde Farm. However there were not enough people present who were willing to commit to a role providing community training, so Will agreed to convene a separate meeting with people who could make this commitment.

5. AOB

Jon reported that Lambeth libraries were now making energy feedback meters available on loan. The borough’s Credit Crunch Taskforce is also proposing to make Lambeth an Energy Action Zone.

Will reported that Chris Morrison was keen for TTB to respond to the national consultation on the new Heat and Energy Saving Strategy from the Dept of Energy and Climate Change. Will agreed to ask Chris to draft a response.

6. Next meeting and group convenor

Will can no longer convene weekday meetings because he will be working away from London during the week for the foreseeable future. The group threfore needs one or more co-convenors.

Jon agreed to host the next meeting in his office (to be confirmed). The meeting will take place on Wednesday April 1st.

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