Aims of Communications Group

Minutes for TTB Communications Group meeting, 18.2.2009, Trinity Arms, 7.30pm

Present: Chris Blake (convenor), Rhiann Thomas, Duncan Law (minutes)

Last minutes – minutes were not taken at last meeting.

Objectives for the group:

The communications group is a loose group which provides expertise to other groups to enable internal and external communications. It also will facilitate effective communications for TTB as an organisation. It needs to recruit expertise in the following remit areas. Communications strategy (including overview, checking and sign off of publicity materials) Media relations Design Web Team Internal Communications Outreach Campaigning Writing

ACTIONS Rhiann draft an email asking for people to volunteer skills Duncan check people we already know from database who have relevant skills.

Strategic Goals: We defined 6 strategic goals for the group and then brainstormed some actions. I have tried to apportion actions to goals. There is obviously overlap but one thing that came out, I think, is that there is a big need for strategy.

Strategic Goals
Goals Actions Who and by when?
1 To make TTB more outward looking and more effective at outreaching and using the local mass media

STRATEGY:\\\set OUTREACH as key TTB goal.\\\Get feedback from groups on media worthy stuff. || ||

2 To raise the profile of TTB in Brixton and among specific groups that we haven’t contacted yet STRATEGY

Decide target groups for outreach

Make first contacts and a TTB offer. Initiate dialogue with local journalists Set targets for profile raising eg features in papers|| ||

3 To provide expertise and training to TTB and to groups to do their own communications (specifically help on media, design, public speaking) and to get their news into TTB newsletter RESOURCE:

Media guidelines, example documents, access to logo, pictures, etc. Resource on the web Get comms on group agendas, asking groups to focus on communications needs and opportunities, to appoint a comms person Talk to groups about their needs. Provide a download page for Groups to put items for newsletter. Offer TRAINING. Ultimately a media training day CONTACT POINT for checking and emergency help. Coordinate Comms Group people into ‘team’ so we can respond to group requests.|| ||


To facilitate outreach and publicity for the wider TTB STRAGEGY. Stalls, presentations, contact management (create worksheet on TTB database for this) Provide template presentation for outreach.

5 To do campaigning STRATEGY. Needs to remain positive and work with other local groups

6 To facilitate mailing list and internal communication among the groups STRATEGY Maintaining database, doing central mailings, To help groups set up group email lists eg google groups, riseup

We idea-stormed some actions:

  • To read group minutes and extract points for newsletter.
  • To ask groups to think ‘communications’ as part of their work.
  • To ask groups to
    • nominate a communications person
    • report to named person with minutes (set policy for minutes format)
    • to think what internal communications needs are – eg who do we need to be working with?
    • to think what are the external communications opportunities or needs
    • to think what are the items for the TTB newsletter.
  • to devise training and resources that groups need to do their own communications
    • Provide easy concise media guidelines and checklist. Also sample press-releases, fliers etc.
    • Provide a central repository where groups can log achievements and plans in bullet form which can be used to make the newsletter really punchy.
    • Provide checking and sign off for external communications materials
    • Provide emergency help.

I have tried to apportion these to specific goals in the table above.

IMMEDIATE ACTIONS Rhiann – produce a brief for a media page for the website. By 23rd Feb?? Rhiann – produce an outline for key messages that should be available through the front page of the website eg What is Transition Town Brixton, Why Transition, Why Brixton, Duncan – to send bullet list of what we have done to Chris for eventual updating of the ‘What we have done’ leaflet Duncan – to send paper copies or links to existing leaflets to Rhiann for key messages outline.

A discussion was had about outreach

CB likes to have a petition when working on a stall as it enables him to engage in dialogue more easily than with just leafletting. Discussion of need to keep the messaging positive ie proposing the undeniably better new common sense rather than just opposing the old nonsense.

Do we have a good current local campaign. Tescos seems to be not immediately urgent though we should keep tabs on it. Other groups and TTB are mobilising around the threat to the covered market and there may need to be a period of concerted effort around that. What is TTB’s role. We can write letters with our local economy rational and convene meeting which explain why that small scale, adaptable model is important but should we be leading the ‘no shouting’ or supporting other (pressure/campaign) groups who can do it better? Issue not resolved other than to keep judging it on a case by case basis.

We also need a strategy for proactively contacting local groups especially so called ‘hard to reach’ groups.

  • Should use LVAC directory of voluntary groups.
  • Have begun outreach through S London Interfaith Group. Needs following up to get specific local contacts.
  • What are we offering? – presentation, energy saving help…
  • What are we asking? – what are the blocks to people getting involved.

ACTION Duncan to contact interfaith group and ask for advice and 3 local faith contacts. Before 23rd February.

AOB Morgan’s transition murals were mentioned which produced a very instant positive response from Rhiann. A publicity dream.

The meeting ended at 9.05

Next meeting: Wednesday 18 March

For more queries on the above, or if you have any general queries about the group, please contact Margaret on 0207-274 0696 or

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