Working group on Communications, Campaigns and Outreach 1.10.07

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The vision for the future:

  • In communication terms this depends on what the other working groups are doing – the content
  • Communication will be shaped by technology

But vision harder to discuss in this group, so decided to spend more time looking at the next 6 months.

The next 6 months:

  • Street stalls
  • Public meetings
  • Leafleting – does door-to-door work?
  • Film showings
  • Group discussions
  • Regular press coverage – develop good press relationships
  • 8th December: Climate Change Demo
  • Tailoring communications to different demographics


  • Develop links with community groups, inc faith groups
  • Important to empower people and listen to them
  • Talk about things that interest people
  • Simple and clear messages, but not tokenism
  • TT’s are about engaging people not just giving messages
    ie Friends of the Earth: spreading ideas through friends of friends of friends, and taking opportunities from this.
  • Use the LVAC website to outreach to local groups
  • Discussed who could do talks – established the need for some training around key messages and to put together a core presentation
  • Making links with the college (Toni)
  • Reaching the ‘hard to reach.’
  • Find out how other TT’s communicate and what is effective
  • Define what are the main messages for TTB: Transition is inevitable and is benefitial/ worth getting involved with.
  • We should have particular issues to campaign on.
  • Use Facebook
  • 8th December: can be a celebration of what we are doing, with a banner with our messages on.
  • Website in full working order
  • Opportunity for a stand in the library Foyer

Next achievable steps:

  • Hold public meeting event with Phil Thornhill:
    Chris to co-ordinate publicity, with volunteers to support
    Duncan to make meeting booking arranged for Monday 12 Nov, meeting room not arranged yet
  • Carry out demographic research on local area
    Chessey and John to lead
  • Look into what other TT’s are doing in terms of communication
    Abbie to lead
  • Develop links with local press
    Chessey to make a list of local contacts

Put together press release for

  • Arrange a meeting to create a banner for demo etc

John to lead

  • Design canvass shopping bag for Brixton Market
  • Send the group research on this done in Peckham
    Chessey to send
  • Put together a basic presentation for outreach
    Duncan and Lisa to lead
  • Start planning some market research about the baseline knowledge of people in Brixton about energy/climate issues, inc where they get their information.
    Rocio to lead

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