Transition Town Brixton Assistant Coordinator and Shop Manager

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Transition Town Brixton ( is a community response to Peak Oil (the end of the Age of Cheap Energy), Climate Change and the economic crisis that seeks to harness the genius of the whole community to vision, plan and pioneer the local pathway to a BETTER low energy future. It has 1600 plus members. It works closely with Lambeth. TTB Reskilling aims to learn and share lost skills necessary to a living well with much less fossil energy. It seeks to build community resilience. TTB is part of a virally growing global movement for positive change. It is the most urgent and exciting agenda to be involved with at the present time.

The Assistant Coordinator will work with existing Coordinators to share the workload. There will be opportunities to take any amount of responsibility and initiative. It will have input into the strategic direction of the organisation. The Assistant Coordinator role will enable TTB to be more effective in its delivery and to develop a broader base in the local community and develop new projects.

TTB currently has a Community Shop at 6 Granville Arcade (Brixton Village) in Brixton’s covered market. We are working hard to try and keep the shop after the rent holiday. If we can do this Shop Manager will be an important part of the Assistant Coordinator’s role.

6 months work part-time for 25 hours per week at £7.60 per hour.

Job Description

The TTB Assistant Coordinator and Shop Manager will involve the following main duties:

  • Assisting the Transition Town Brixton coordinator, steering group and directors of the TTB Community Interest Company.
  • Assisting the convenors of TTB workgroups
  • Working with the Brixton Pound Project Manager and the Remade in Brixton Marketing and Engagement Coordinator.
  • Working with any other partner organisation of TTB.
  • working on the Low Carbon Zone and Zero Waste Zone.
  • Completing office tasks such as updating the database, book-keeping, filing,
  • Assisting creating communications materials eg newsletters, web-pages,
  • Maintaining and developing the website
  • Assisting the welcome team with membership tasks.
  • Fundraising
  • Talking to people about TTB’s work.
  • Managing media relations
  • Managing volunteers in the Community Shop and elsewhere.
  • Attending strategic meetings, taking notes.

Events organisation

  • Managing publicity and leafletting
  • Event booking
  • Event facilitation
  • Programme planning

In the Community Shop (or other TTB public space)

  • Managing staffing
  • Developing the shop as meeting place, show-case and commercial enterprise.
  • Stock-taking and ordering
  • Cash handling, banking and keeping accounts
  • Talking to the general public.
  • Creating and managing the meeting room and TTB resource centre.
  • Helping make the shop and resource centre attractive and workable.

Training The Assistant Coordinator will work closely with the TTB chair and coordinator who has fullfilled most roles in the organisation over the last 3 years. He and other coordinators will provide on the job training.

The Assistant Coordinator will also be encouraged to avail themselves of training available to TTB via LVAC and other networks.

  • creating content for the website using Word Press and other web technologies
  • training in running an online database and electronic administration (using Dropbox, gmail, google groups and google docs software)
  • dealing with local, regional, national and international media and academic enquiries and writing press releases
  • working with a wide variety of stakeholders, including the local authority, local voluntary groups and TTB members and working group activists.


If you need more information call Duncan Law, coordinator, on 07985 635181.

Please write to with FJF TTB in the subject box, giving:

Personal details;

  • Full name
  • date of birth
  • address
  • email
  • phone(s)
  • driving licence Yes/No
  • Is there anything concerning your medical history or state of health that could affect your employment? Yes/No (If Yes please explain.)
  • Are there any restrictions regarding your employment? Yes/No
  • When can you start?
  • What were your most recent employments (if any). Please give details including dates, names of employers, addresses and contact details.

The Job

  • Why you would like to get involved with Transition Town Brixton as Assistant Coordinator and any experience you have of TTB to date
  • What qualifications and experience (please give examples) do you have in relation to the job description above?
  • What you would bring to the job that is special.
  • What you would like to get out of the job eg learning or experience.

NB please keep the above sections as concise as possible.


Please give 2 referees with the following details which will be taken up for the successful candidate. At least one should be a previous employer (if applicable). Friends and family cannot be referees.

  • Name
  • Position
  • Organisation
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email

Please ‘sign’ by putting your name at the foot of the application. This will confirm that you agree that the information in the application is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge. This information will only be used in the recruitment process and will be kept confidential and for 6 months after the appointment.

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