Remade Meeting 3

Notes 9 December 2008

Melanin Partnership / Mo-Shon, 5th Floor, Piano House, Brighton Terrace, London SW9 8DJ

Present Olivia Christophersen, Mitchell Jacobs, Hannah Lewis, Tim Nichols

Remade in Brixton repair centre

  • Repair centre proposed at last meeting as possible focus for Remade in Brixton’s activities – first of its kind in London, create jobs, help community members share “post-oil” skills
  • Building in central Brixton identified as potential medium term location
  • Longer term workspace could be part of Brixton Green proposal (sustainable business hub on Coldharbour Lane)
  • Ticks various boxes for local authority – sustainability, green collar skills, creative & cultural industries, youth training
  • Next step – lobby groups that could support e.g. Business in the Community
  • 6 mth “campaign” proposed – focusing on building partnerships, developing portfolio of activities, securing workspace
  • Details to get in place: insurances, CRB, accreditation for training, enterprise incubation (lobby partner orgs on latter two)
  • Potential obstacle – will not get funded if it takes business from existing businesses
  • Could we instead create synergies with existing businesses, e.g. offering training in a wider range of skills for existing repair businesses?
  • Green features for building e.g. green roof, insulation, themed events e.g. pedal powered cinema
  • ACTION: Hannah to draft development plan (with Mitchell and Sophie U)

Remade in Brixton directory

  • Tim and Sophie B have begun compiling a directory of Brixton repair, reuse and recycling businesses / organisations (plus relevant regional and national bodies)
  • ACTION: Tim to share via Googledocs

Next meeting Wednesday 21 Jan, 7pm

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