Remade Meeting 2

TT Brixton Waste Group Meeting 10 November 2008

Present: Sophie U -TTBrixton Waste, ex WEN waste prevention and journalist Hannah – Brixton Remade/ background in design / writes materials Lynda – interested in waste / recycling – lives Herne Hill Duncan – TT Brixton Tim – intern at Forum for the Future and policy experience of packaging James – LCRN recently joined / ex Ministry of Sound – mattress recycling Mitchell – urban marketing at Melanin partnership Sophie B – TV Producer from Balham, interested in all things green Katerina – interested in waste oil

Various points of interest from people including food waste, waste oil and creating a repair / shop resource centre. We decided to merge Brixton Remade with Brixton Waste as two aims are similar / overlapping – aim of both is creating zero waste Brixton and making this attractive to all. Brixton Remade is a good brand for Zero Waste Brixton and introduces an element of creativity (using people’s skills) Points discussed included the following: 1. Not just a middle class project – this project must include and benefit all sections of community 2. Asking people what they want rather than telling them 3. We need to scope out what’s already there and work with it eg the council (Sally Prentice, head of waste), Veolia 4. It’s not just things, but people who are resources and must not be wasted 5. Katerina said that Camden have a successful oil reuse project we could learn from 6. Matthew at LCRN interested in repair centre – would be first of its kind 7. The repair centre would also create jobs and help community members share post-oil skills (esp people who are not normally valued) 8. Duncan pointed out we must vision the future first, and then plan practical steps 9. We also discussed holding a wider community open space meeting where we plan a zero waste Brixton as part of a community 10. It was suggested that there are 3 stages, which overlap but emerge roughly in the following order: 1 – visioning where we’d like to end up (zero waste Brixton and what that would involve in practice); 2 – mapping out where we are now; 3 – building partnerships and pathways to get from from ‘here’ to ‘there’.

Actions: Directory – Sophie B and Tim to research what waste / reuse facilities and businesses already exist. We will list these in a directory which we will upload onto the TTB website. Draft Development Plan – Mitchell to draft a 6 month draft development plan Long term vision – Hannah to plan and facilitate visioning session at next meeting, and consider how to engage wider community in visioning Briefing – Sophie U to write 1 page briefing about what we’re doing and what the waste issues are Creative packaging scenarios – Tim to forward / summarise report James to feedback to Matthew at LCRN

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