Remade Meeting 1

Remade in Brixton

Minutes: Meeting 1

6.30pm, Wednesday 22 October 2008

Melanin Partnership / Mo-Shon, 5th Floor, Piano House, Brighton Terrace, London SW9 8DJ


Sophie Broadbent, Olivia Christophersen, Charlie Holland, Mitchell Jacobs, Hannah Lewis, Tim Nichols, Susie Steed

Topics discussed

People’s interests and skills

  • Sophie – works in TV (currently for BBC), interested in programme-making in this subject area
  • Olivia and Charlie – Lambeth Cyclists, interested in refurbishing and customising bikes or reusing them for other purposes (like belts from tyres – Howies clothes company, bannisters from frames – Psubliminal bike shop in Balham); also ways of making bikes available to more people, like Clapham Park bike hire scheme based in old shipping container
  • Charlie – also interested in ways of ‘reducing and sharing’ like tool libraries, hire rather than ownership, sharing facilities and equipment
  • Mitchell – marketing with Mo-Shon, co-chair of Made In Brixton, lots of local knowledge and networks
  • Hannah – writer / curator with [re]design, organisation that promotes sustainable design, often showcases reused / recycled designs and organises make-it-yourself workshops; also member of TTB Economy and Business Group and Currency Group
  • Tim – recently interned at Forum for the Future on waste project (developing scenarios for packaging waste streams over next 10 years)
  • Susie – economics degree, member of TTB Currency Group, present at first Remade In Brixton discussions and interested in project


By having visible, fun reuse events we will raise the public profile of TTB and communicate the message that there’s no such thing as waste – everything can be made into something else. Good to do a ‘teaser’ / awareness raising event before Xmas – focus on Xmas presents – but also to have ongoing programme (with dates worked out to publicise at the pre-Xmas event), keep momentum going…

  • Skillshare, hobby, practical DIY
  • Linking generations – older people’s skills e.g. darning, knitting
  • Mending shoes / make into something new
  • Toys from old clothes / blankets, sock puppets
  • Insulation e.g. draft excluders from duvets, lining curtains
  • Printing reused textiles (with London Printworks Trust?)
  • Plastic bag knitting / weaving
  • ‘Skip bikes’ – bespoke bike refurbishing (Hannah adds – I have since met Lamonte Johnson from Artworks Direct who does great bike customising workshops at St Vincent’s Community Centre and around Brixton)
  • Art projects e.g. welding sculptures from bike frames
  • Swap-market + make-it-yourself stalls / reused designs to buy

Venues / locations for events

  • Schools – good way to engage community – e.g. Hillmead Primary, Thomas Francis Academy (on Coldharbour Lane, car park by main road so good venue for swap-market)
  • Lambeth College
  • Parks
  • Cafes, pubs, nightclubs
  • Opposite tube (stall)
  • Granville Arcade – empty shops available (rates only until permanent tenant found)
  • Temporary ‘dead’ spaces e.g. old petrol station, Coldharbour Lane
  • Reused old shipping containers, trains, buses, telephone boxes, Concorde!, earthship tyre buildings

Further questions / directions to develop…

  • Define role of Remade In Brixton in relation to Waste group – is it specifically creative reuse projects or could the two groups merge, with Remade In Brixton as a ‘brand’ that applies to all Waste projects? In the latter scenario, creative reuse events and reused products could simply be among the more visible and public of the Waste group’s projects, acting as a kind of ‘flagship’ for a wider waste strategy. We’ll meet with Sophie Unwin who is setting up the Waste group to discuss this.
  • [Tim writes via email] “Define what our vision is as an overall waste group, i.e. all components of the waste issue from recycle to re-use to re-made. My personal vision would be a waste free Brixton by 2015. Maybe a little ambitious, but if we only get 80% of the way there, I think that would be a massive step.”
  • Researching and mapping current reality of waste and reuse in Brixton – have clear ‘back story’ to set events in context, information available at events. Tim writes: “we really need to think about where waste is coming from now, how it is being handled and then where it goes when/if it leaves. Additionally, knowing about who is already doing things like remade, and reuse either in a creative or a traditional sense, would be great to talk to and get involved.”
  • Involving business – saving them money – bigger scale projects.

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