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TTB Currency Group – 19 November 2008

Keeping Meeting Notes

Who for? Ourselves and interested parties
Note specific things such as Agreements and Actions
Agree minutes in the same meeting
Rotate notekeeping duties

Startup Costs/Funding

Looking at an estimated total of 32K to do a printed note issue
Make notes self-funding by auctioning notes at a premium to collectors
Action: Duncan doing a spreadsheet for a fully costed budget for paper currency\\ Role of media is key in helping raise funding

Potential Funders:

  • Capital Community Foundation (various programmes including Grassroots Grants)
  • UnLtd
  • Walcott Foundation
  • Morleys
  • Peter Minet
  • Moneysaving Expert
  • members of South Bank Employer’s Group

Action: to apply to the Walcott Foundation – Susie coordinates for 9th Jan deadline
Cost of currency manager to handle marketing, admin of currency
Possible funding in kind from Lambeth Credit Union
Stuart Horwood of the Market Trader Association and the Wedge Card (what are the synergies?)
Brixton has 3x the population of Lewes
Need a gantt chart for sequencing funding.
Need different proposals for different types of funding.
Sue’s going to list businesses in Brixton building on Hannah’s existing list.


Should there be a sell-by date on the note? Redemption when.
Cost of design
Shape of Brick/Brix
Action: Sue to research name of note: Brixton Pound or Brick or Brix?
Action: Mamading to investigate buying a number of domains as above.
Action: Hannah to produce design brief for paper notes and publicity material for businesses.
Action: Sue to speak to Lambeth Credit Union
Action: Duncan to write a draft letter to local businesses and angel investors for sponsorship
Part payment to be allowed
Needed an e-strategy for e-bay
Need Deadlines
Action: Hannah will look into meeting procedures

Lewes/Totnes decision-making process

Tim was going to look into this.

Email to TTB list

Some people who want to be involved in Brixton local currency, bring them in. Sue is connecting with them.


Localised directory for Brick
Susie is looking at proposals for making a film about the currency
Compile a database of media contacts
Action: Sue to send Brixton Business Forum mailing list to Mamading
Duncan interested in engaging Lambeth Business Support Network

Supply Chains

Action: Josh is doing a questionnaire for local businesses on how they are set to survive the triple crunch and how local their supply chain is.

Next meeting

Monday the 8th December 6.30pm


Proposal from Dil:
Detailed scrutiny of printed notes proposal -

  • startup costs (at £5K/20,000 notes, they cost 25p each!),
  • mechanics (things like – is there a ‘sell-by’ date on the note? Should they be £5 notes? would this encourage forgery?),
  • review of Lewes/Totnes decision making,
  • proposal for email to TTBrixton Mailing list asking whether/how much people might buy

John Walker: I am happy to second this proposal, however if this is to be an agenda item, I would comment that we normally use the meeting to put up agenda items.

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