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TTB Currency Group Minutes

Monday 8 November

Present: Tim, Robin Smith(Wokingham), Sue Bell, Hannah Lewis, Mamading Ceesay, Duncan Law, John Walker, Josh Ryan-Collins, Susan Steed.


  1. Matters arising
  2. LETs feedback
  3. Funding Currency inc selling.
  4. Deadlines
  5. Who to be part of group
  6. Media spokes
  7. Supply chain questionnaire

To do list from last meeting.

  • Duncan to do spreadsheet by next meeting
  • Josh to write letter to local businesses and angels
  • Supply chain questionnaire or future business viability questionnaire – to be done together.
  • Listing Businesses in Brixton. Sue
  • Potential funders. Get copy of spreadsheet from Susan Steed. Put on TTB currency googledocs. Mamading and Tim to work together
  • Gant chart to sequence funding, Mamading.
  • Sue to make contact to find out if Wedge card will be funded for Brixton and Streatham
  • Sue to set up meeting with Credit Union. Duncan and Josh to reply about availability in January.
  • Hannah to look at meetings procedures.
  • Networking Econ/Business/Currency people. Mamading to look into setting up ttbcurrency, ttbecon gmail groups.
  • Media – who to deal with? John and Sue dealing with Comms group. Needs specific contact. *Mamading to get Brixton Business Forum database from Philippe

Advice from Lewes and Totnes reported by Tim is to go for backed currency. Publicity is key. How to keep it running is a challenge.

Funding feedback from Susan Steed.

  1. Forum for the future ‘climate scenarios.’ ??
  2. Moneysaver deadline September ie too late. Explore for next year.

Feedback on LETS

John Walker reported back:

He proposed to join Brixton Lets Scheme to LETSlink and to link up with the Southwark LETS. Letslink has the contact list – some 600 names from when it folded 2 year ago.
Alternative is to form new group which would affiliate to LETSlink
There are issues that need to be resolved:
Membership fees issue – Currently people pay £10 which goes to LetsLinkLondon not to the local group.
LETSlink keeps info on potential traders. This needs to be shared.
Should admin be paid in LETS or done by volunteers?
There have been many conversations on email leading to confusion. Leading people have been John, Mary, Dil, Sue, Balbir. Needs be face to face. There may be a LETS meeting tomorrow. MC suggested Brixton people meet to consolidate local plans before consulting Mary and LETslink

Issue: keeping LETs and local currency connected or separate. Felt should be kept separate but should be coordinated. There may be overlaps and useful sharing. Eg names, Credit Union meeting.
John to continue to be link and to think about improving meetings.

+Ethics of funding currency+’

John felt uncomfortable about funding paper currency by selling currency for high rate as collectors item. Lewes pounds were sold on Ebay for profit. This value can be captured either by private ‘speculator’ or by the scheme.
HL said it would not be for private gain.
DL and RS said it was taking from the current system to fund the future system.
Sue would like to move from money.
Sue presented a framework to assess value of money. 7 ways to get money. Earn; beg; borrow; win; given; find; steal
Getting a grant is ‘begging’. What is selling the notes?

Proposal to auction early notes as collectors items on our website.
Consensus was good but this process must be continued as John still felt inclined to block.

Need a critical path analysis. Mamading has Dot project. Has Gant charts. MC will look into this. SB will work on this with him.

A quick timeline was proposed:
Identify key supporters advisers and partners. Thousand club
Deciding who we show it to. – funders (Lewes mainly local businesses)

  • Our five trialists
  • nightime economy
  • Brixton wholefoods.
  • Walcott foundation – ‘large group’ deadline on 9th Jan. small grant £1000 rolling deadline. SS to follow up

Produce leaflet.
Visit businesses
Launch. Mid September
A Lewes idea: ‘Hundred Club’ of people who pledge to use the currency. We should use positive language. Currently: ‘We are going to create the Brixton Pound, would you be interested in being part of it.’ Should be: ‘ The Brick “will be”.

Suggested we discuss with businesses their expected Bricks turn-over. This would be difficult to predict but it would be useful to have positive stories from Totnes, Lewes and elsewhere. Talk to businesses. Need a leaflet. Single side of A5. List of the Brixton Hundred Club members would be key. To get these names we should use Project Dirt, Facebook group, email asking for a reply to BRIXTON MONEY (say). (Get advice from Lewes. Too may platforms will complicate communications for us. TIM to pursue)
(NB a number of shoulds here without actions)
Mamading and Hannah to produce website brief. See www.thelewespound.org Deadline 6 Jan. Communicate virtually before then.\\ Mamading to explore setting up a group email for us at TTBcurrency@gmail.com

Next Currency Meeting Tues 6 Jan to meet Nigel Topping in a venue to be confirmed with warm brown beer. DL to chair. Next Econ and Business Group meeting. Tuesday 13 January
Tim back on 14th

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