Minutes LCG Thursday 6th November

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Thursday 6th November 2008

Mary Fee
Dill Green

1.Overview of previous meetings of the Currency Group

  • Sue gave an overview of the currency group and welcomed new people present.

2.Printed Notes

  • We discussed costs, benefits and limitations of the Printed Notes. John raised the issue as to whether we would be taking on debt by printing notes. We discussed this – it would not be the case as the scheme would be a straight exchange with sterling. We hope to be able to link with Lambeth Credit Union with the printed currency.

Action: It was decided to cover this in the next meeting when Josh could be present, following his draft proposal.
3.Brixton LETS

  • Mary, LETSlinkUK and LETSlinkLondon, has continual enquiries about Brixton LETS and there are still many people in Brixton with Brixton Bricks in credit and debit from the previous LETS scheme and an allegience to this form of local currency. John Walker now runs the new Brixton LETS.

4.Way Forward

  • The option was presented to split into two groups, one to look at LETS and the other a paper currency. It was decided to continue with the present cohesion of the Currency Group.
    Action: Sue has been given access to the TTB database on Google. There are some people who are interested in continuing the Brixton LETS. Sue will pass these on to John especially the names that came from the data collection at the unleashing.


  • The difficult access to this meeting place for anyone with a physical disability was noted. Our compliments and gratitude to Woody for his persistence is getting directions from the people in the High Street and walking up 10 flights of stairs with 2 walking sticks to be present.

6.Next meeting

  • Wednesday 19th November 6.30 p.m. same venue. to be facilitated by Hannah. Notes of today’s meeting to be intiated by Susie and edited by anyone.

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