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Summary of Meeting of Local Currency Group

Friday 26th September 2008


Things Discussed

How do we ensure the currency meets aims of inclusion?
• Discounting the currency to local volunteers / charities / community projects.
• Getting funding to distribute the currency to volunteers and working with time banks.
• Include specific education outreach and communications work in the project with young people (possibly partner with Media Studies course at Lambeth, LIVE magazine, referrals from Melanin Partnership and ENDZ magazine).

We talked a bit about Time Banks
• John reported back on his positive experiences in the Peckham timebank.
• Time banks have many important community cohesion outcomes but the broker role is very time consuming.

How can we value the Brixton Brick?
• In Lewes lots of people sold notes eBay. We could try to raise some funds by this or do a limited print of the notes.
• The risk of copyrighting would be mitigated by high quality print and watermarking.

Contribution to the Unleashing October 2nd
• Mamading to speak with a Brixton Brick as a prop.
• Sue to produce Poster of the Presentation.
• Action: Mamading to send text to Sue.

Next Meeting:
• Date tbc. 17th or 24th October. All Welcome. We will be action planning.

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