Meetings Future Brixton on 8th April 2008

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Meeting with Colm Lacey – Head of Physical Regen

Colm allowed us to see a draft of the Brixton Masterplan. Which is organized into three sections: Section A: The Plan and Principles Section B: Miniplans with specifics for the six areas Section C: Delivery

Councillor Lib Peck to write statement.

One Planet Living is built into the Masterplan. There are many good ideas in the project banks. Supplementary planning documents driven by the masterplan would be a positive advance on the UDP. Proposals have been costed as affordable under a zero-growth economy, but scenario planning for recession or depression not done. What does this mean in terms of risk management?

We specifically suggested a roundtable to link up the sustainable community strategy with economic development etc., with an emphasis on understanding the real future and possible scenario planning.

We asked that closing the loop be built in as a principle.

Need for local distribution network and communication of wants and offers within the community as a whole.

We mentioned the principle of zero energy.

Mention of a Town Centre Management body that would include police and business.

Carbon auditing of the Masterplan proposals.

We asked Colm to look into the Happy Planet Index specifically and more generally at Hazel Henderson’s work.

When we discussed the idea of relocalisation with Colm, he responded that they were planning for a “Village economy”.

Meeting with Lib Peck – Councillor, Housing and Regeneration Cabinet Member

She wants to give sustainability more political clout and make it a front line theme for the council. Certainly to make it the central theme for the Masterplan. Duncan responded, asking for overall carbon accounting for the regeneration. Environmental sustainability present as a fundamental in the introduction. Close look at supplying Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

Building for a zero fossil/carbon future. Focus on Brixton as a centre for reuse and refashioning. Repeated request for a roundtable bringing together the various related departments of the council to look at real sustainable communities given problems with food supply, debt and other problems/crises. Importance of external factors like through traffic.

Mentioned Parity Projects’ pilot project for refurbishing existing housing stock for zero carbon.

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