Meeting minutes 15-01-07

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These notes are a bit all over the place I’m afraid. I guess if we have an agenda for the next meeting then there’ll be more coherence in the minutes! I’ve put the actions we delgated into the plan part of the group’s page.

People who attended:

  • Adam
  • Keir
  • Olivia
  • Rob

We discussed:

  • What is our remit?
    • Heat and electricity
    • To help Brixton’s buildings and the community to move to a low-energy future.
  • Went through the email from Duncan
    • The CAfE course – I am still waiting for them to reply to my email but if they don’t soon I’ll ring.
    • Meeting with Jeremy Leggett on 28th Jan and Lambeth council. Does Duncan want one of us to attend? Who can? (I will if needed – Keir)
    • Can we open a dialogue with Lambeth’s Energy Department? Chasing up Duncan’s letter to them. Check it out here
  • Activities discussed were:
    • Focus on key buildings in Brixton, eg. Rec; council buildings; academy. (We realised this would probably be in collaboration with the Built Environment group and Lambeth council)
    • Provide activities and information to help community become more energy efficient and lower their impact with the use of renewable energy suppliers (ecotricity etc.)
    • Contacting the Communications Group seeing if we can use their contacts/offer options after any awareness raising they’re doing
    • Find out what local people want/need – we need to get the wider community on board.
    • Linking up with the Built Environment group as we realise that there’s a lot of cross-over between the groups
    • Find out what the council is doing/has achieved already. Contact Jon Lissimore and Jessica Currie. Also what else could they be doing?
  • Other items/longer-term aims:
    • Setting up a RESCO. Rob had contacted TTTotnes to find out what they’re doing and they put him through to another ESCO thing elsewhere (help me out Rob I don’t have the name written down).
    • Power down style event. Possibly at academy or similar after we’ve pesuaded them to reduce their energy consumption.
    • Initiate installations for renewable energies, eg. windmill redevelopmen activity in the square (was this windmill hill?) if appropriate.
    • Bulk buying of insulation, solar heating, etc. for private housing.
    • Thermal imaging of Brixton/Lambeth like Haringey have on this page. This would probably have to be linked with something more pro-active such as information about how to insulate your home.
    • Funding. Where can we get it and do we need it now? Corporate sponsors such as O2, EDF, etc. (By the way EDF are involved in the London ESCO) Also CEN, who Rob works for, know about this kind of thing.
    • An agenda would be useful for the next meeting

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