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Duncan writes: This is excellent. Simon Snowden made a good point. He never talks to businesses at first about Peak Oil or Climate Change but about rising costs and the effects upon their business. As Sue said Stuart Horwood’s feedback was businesses are concerned with Survival before Sustainability. Can we big that up at the outset.?

eg ‘Have your business and transport costs gone up with the increasing fuel and food costs we have seen recently? Could that damage your business long term? Will recession bite? What will it mean for consumer spending?’

Then Peak Oil in some detail explaining why change is for good not just a cycle. And that we will have to find a different way of operating. Then Climate Change at the end. They might otherwise switch off – CC fatigue is genuine and they’re being told to be ‘sustainable’ again, when survival is their primary challenge.

Unfortunately we can’t do Oil Vulnerability Auditing. It needs professional consultants and would cost about £1500-£2000 per ‘ core entity’ ie main critical element in a business.

Simon worked with Fiona in Totnes who he said is brilliant. I will get her contacts for advice.

I met Cindy Barnes cindy.barnes@greenerconsulting.com from TT Maidenhead who did a business conference hosted by their local MP – got big turnout and buy in including bigger firms signing up to Oil Vulnerability Auditing.


Brixton businesses – Transition Town Brixton needs you!

A community using much less energy could be economically stronger and provide a higher quality of life.

That’s what Transition Town Brixton is all about – facing up to the challenges of Peak Oil and Climate Change and seizing the opportunity to design our way out of oil dependency towards a zero carbon future.

CHALLENGE: NO MORE CHEAP OIL Peak Oil means the end of cheap and plentiful oil. Global reserves are nearly half gone. Oil extraction will peak very soon and start to decline at about 2-3% per year – while global demand is rising – leading to soaring prices, economic instability and increased potential for conflict as countries compete for oil.

OPPORTUNITY: LOCAL RESILIENCE Building our capacity to produce locally what can be produced locally – reducing dependence on an increasingly expensive and unreliable oil supply for transport. Our Oil Vulnerability Auditing service (see inside) will help you evaluate your business’s dependence on oil and develop plans to cope with future price rises.

CHALLENGE: CLIMATE CHANGE Carbon emissions from fossil fuel use and deforestation are pushing temperatures upwards. A rise of 2°C or more would result in natural feedback mechanisms producing “runaway” warming – devastating to human civilisation.

OPPORTUNITY: CUTTING CARBON Emissions cuts on a massive scale – 90% by 2030, and down to zero-carbon by 2060 – are needed to avoid that 2°C rise. A more localised economy, networking and community spirit are key to achieving this – sharing knowledge, resources and practical help on energy efficiency and alternatives to fossil fuels.

CHALLENGE: NOT ENOUGH MONEY The local economy is reliant on money coming in from outside, and dangerous levels of consumer debt – making it vulnerable to recession.

OPPORTUNITY: PLUGGING THE LEAKS We can prevent money from leaking out of the area by building more local linkages – such as recruiting and sourcing locally. Money spent locally is more likely to be re-spent locally too, becoming income for a local person each time. A local currency like the Brixton Brick (see inside) will encourage this. ABOUT TRANSITION TOWN BRIXTON

Transition Town Brixton is a community-led initiative, seeking to engage all sectors of the local community in developing an action plan to get us from oil dependency to a low energy, low carbon future. It’s part of a fast-growing network, including around 40 Transition Initiatives in towns, cities, villages and regions across the UK, and over 500 in development around the word.


Transition Town Brixton has a number of projects for local businesses in the pipeline. We welcome your input, questions, or ideas on how these projects can best meet your needs.

Come and find out more at the Local Business Evening, 19 June (see overleaf) or contact info@transitiontownbrixton.org

OIL VULNERABILITY AUDITING The Oil Vulnerability Auditing service takes a detailed look at how rising oil prices could impact your business, examining costs and availability of raw materials, energy costs of key processes, and transportation costs involved in selling and marketing. Once a costed model is built up, scenarios can be run with varying oil prices. With the inevitable and dramatic price rises ahead for oil and all types of energy, certain areas of a business may not be viable. In that case, mitigation plans can be put in place, perhaps looking at alternative raw materials sourced more locally, and opening up markets that will be less affected by high transportation costs.

LOCAL CURRENCY: THE BRIXTON BRICK The Brixton Brick will be developed and piloted over the coming year. A local currency can only be spent locally, so it encourages money to circulate within the community, rather than “leaking” out to the wider economy. We will be holding a series of workshops over the next few months with local people and businesses to design the currency system to ensure that the Brick helps you meet your needs locally.

BRIXTON BUSINESS EXCHANGE A project that takes a different look at waste, surplus, and underused resources. Do you have spare office / storage space, half empty delivery vans, unused materials, excess manufacturing capacity, waste that could be useful to others, or even spare skills? Are you looking for certain materials, space or skills? The Business Exchange is an opportunity to promote cross-business efficiency and trade in Brixton.

LOCAL BUSINESS EVENING Thursday 19 June, 6-9pm, Lambeth Town Hall


NETWORKING Meet and connect with other local businesses

INFORMATION Learn more about what Transition Town Brixton can offer local businesses and let us know what you’d like to see more of.


“Plugging the Leaks” Linking up the local economy to prevent money leaking out

“Growing the Local Economy” Matching needs and problems up with skills and solutions

“It’s going to be different – how could that be good?” Scenario planning to meet the challenges of Peak Oil and Climate Change


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Local social enterprises and “Transition businesses”

If you are interested in exhibiting or want to find out more, please contact info@transitiontownbrixton.org

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