Lambeth Corporate Regeneration

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Keith Trotter Matt McKeague

Ian Parker is Head of Regeneration

Points for discussion.


  • PO and CC, recession, rising food and energy prices
  • Challenges and Opportunities
  • Getting localisation into policy: Sustainable Community Act and current SCStrategy, Local Development Framework, procurement
  • The achievements of the FUTURE BRIXTON plan. Specifics: zero-waste and re-use, zero-carbon,
  • Getting joined-upness in Lambeth thinking and policy – how? Mainstream regeneration and sustainability goals across all council departments procurement policies
  • Designing a future functional, closed-loops, localised economy. Why, how, who. Supplying real local need.

TTB offers:

Awareness raising
Business Exchange Network
Oil Vulnerability Auditing (in the long-run, in partnership)

Wants for the conference:

Presence and participation
Help contacting businesses and esp business advisors.
Help running the evening especially.
Display boards, tables,

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