JAN 09 Become an energy outreach trainer for Transition Town Brixton

At the last meeting of the group we identified the need for:

a) an event on the Roupell Park estate to get local people interested in energy issues and involved in the Roupell Park Energy Centre; b) a training package to encourage the development of neighbourhood groups (like Hyde Farm); and c) a training package for general community outreach

Consequently, at the subgroup meeting today (15 Jan), we decided we should take this forward more actively. So we propose using the next meeting of the Buildings and Energy Group (on 17th Feb, venue tbc) to pull together everything we collectively know (and have) to make a presentation. Jenny Banks will begin by giving her basic energy efficiency presentation. If you have ideas or resources or interesting show-and-tell items, do bring them and we will put them in the pot and stir it all up.

It’s a first step. We also want to ask people to commit to being regular energy outreach trainers. We hope to raise funds so that those who do will be able to attend the training run by National Energy Action.

Could you be a regular energy outreach trainer for Transition Town Brixton? If so, can you attend one of the ‘draught-busting saturdays’ coming up at Hyde Farm? We reckon this would be a great practical introduction and Hyde Farm CAN are keen to transfer their skills and experience to the wider community in Lambeth. The dates are Saturday 31st January and 14th Feb, from 10.00am. Please contact Sue Sheehan (sue.j.brown@btinternet.com) if you would like to attend.

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