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Open meeting to strengthen the Hub Group.

Tuesday 4 December 7pm THE ASSEMBLY HALL Lambeth Town Hall, Acre Lane.

45 people attended. Jody began with an overview of recent event and Duncan painted a picture of the potential of TTB. There was a brief discussion in groups about WHAT we wanted TTB to be in the future (Sustainable Living for Brixton within its Carbon Budget, Resilient, Empowering, an opportunity, cooperation, Understanding, Inspiring, Inclusive and HOW it would get there (Community Empowerment, Research, Courage, Cooperation, Fun, and direct action). The Hub Group is the coordinating centre around which the spokes of the working groups are already beginning to form and get active. As we identified functions with the Hub Group some excellent people volunteered to take responsibility working with others.

The final Areas of Responsibility were identified as

PEOPLE AND PROJECTS: Aim: 1.Facilitation of events and projects 2.Project Management advice 3.Volunteer coordination 4.Helping working groups form.

Balbir Singh Olivia Errey Michael Stretch

EDUCATION/RESKILLING Aim: 1.Design and organise Great Reskilling programme 2.take TTB to schools and colleges

Steve Korris Ben ??? Pam Williams Lucy Panesar Jim Scott

FINANCE AND ADMIN Aims: 1.Keep accounts 2.Keep records 3.Receive enquiries 4.Run office

Michael Stretch John O’Hare Margaret Creer

FUNDRAISING Aim: enable TTB to fulfill potential maximise earning from all sources

Matthew Stretch Rocio

SYSTEMS Aim: 1. set up information management systems 2. set up communication system 3. make TTB website a ‘tool’ 4. manage website


EVENTS: A) Programme B) Logistics Aim: 1. Design book events programme Jan- Unleashing 2. Organise actual events

Balbir Singh Andrea Mason Ann Cooke

LIAISON with Lambeth and other Groups Aims: 1. work with FUTURE BRIXTON 2. work with Lambeth Council 3. work with Brixton Green

Andrea Mason Ann Cooke Pam Williams (Brixton Market Traders)

The meeting then formed into various working groups including Built Environment, Energy, Education, Food and Growing, Transport, Waste and continued work begun in earlier meeting including planning to meet outside open meetings to continue visioning and planning.

Some Hub Groups functions met including Communications and Events and spontaneously began coordinating

A meeting of the wider Hub Group will convene before Christmas to set immediate tasks and agree how it will work. Details to be confirmed. It plans to meet every 2 weeks for the moment. Delegates from the working groups that are forming will be asked to attend later meetings once some of the Forming, Norming and Storming has settle down to Performing and we can effectively do our coordinating role.

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