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Food Group Open Meeting, Assembly Room, 1.10.07

 Attended by (please fill in) and Hannah Lewis (convenor)


1 Draft a vision

2 Draft some steps to take towards the vision

3 Name some concrete next steps that we can take

1: Vision

Our vision had three aspects:

1) Local food and water growing and feeding

• As much food as possible will be grown as local as possible. Coupled with this will be ‘local feeding’, which means that there will be a culture of eating in community.

2) Needs based

• We will consume as we need to. There will be a society of taking what we need, and no more. Of course we will need to discuss further a definition of what ‘need’ actually means.

3) Compost and recycle = no waste

• A sustainable society means that systems are closed and don’t produce anything that can’t be fed back into the system. There will be an efficient recycling and composting system, so nothing will go to landfill and all outputs from the system can be fed back into the loop, becoming inputs again.

2: Some steps to take towards the vision

We still need to discuss this much further, however, for the time we had to discuss this, are thoughts are:


Stage One

• Research on Transition Town Totnes • Raise awareness and interest (both public and government) of TTB • Support existing networks which echo our goals: allotment groups, other small food growers etc • Identify community and private space: This could be a mapping exercise. • Much more!!

Stage Two

• Move to conscious consumption (including seasonal eating, understanding organic and Fairtrade principles) • Reduce Airfreight • Much more!!

Stage Three???


n.b. This section needs a lot more work, including:

• Time frame: How long will each stage last?

• How much / what type of resources will each task require? E.g. Researching TT Totnes is fairly simple, however ‘Reduce Airfreight’ requires many stages to come before, for example an awareness raising campaigning in terms of how much of our food is currently airfreighted, and that this is cause for concern and action. This in itself is no mean feat!

3: Next steps that we can take

• Apple days: Talk to local apple tree owners about their trees, and donate our own apples for tasting sessions

• Networking: Meet others who want to get involved, network with allotments etc

• Network with small food producers, e.g. bakers

• Research on food miles / footprints

• Find a funding source for the shopping bags idea

• Composting for Brixton market: Continue talks with the managers

• Find local experts willing to share knowledge

• Run a composting workshop

• Run a TTB campaign to leave packaging at the supermarket

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