Economy And Business Meeting 20080724

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I would like to suggest the following agenda – to be covered in 2 hours – as a clear way forward for us to achieve the intentions of the group and commitment to the agenda of TTB.

People present and apologies Make note of ways that we worked well together as a group to achieve beneficial results for the Local Economy Day event. Maximum of 2 points per person. If you cannot be present and want to contribute to this, please email to me by noon 24th July. Identify areas that the group should concentrate on to achieve our intentions – probably a form of brainstorm but please come with some ideas you have already considered. For example: Brixton LETS or Energy descent plan or Links with local businesses Identify the resources offered by the people committed to the work of the Economy and Business Group Identify for each area the core group of people to create results. Communications with other TTB groups Arrangements for next meetings Sue Bell

Thanks to Sue for chairing and agenda-ising. I would like to suggest a couple more things: the Unleashing Outreach Working with Lambeth Credit Union. Tesco’s expansion Community Land Trust Duncan Law

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