Economy and Business Meeting 2008-05-07

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Next Economy event

  • MONEY AS DEBT, Myth Bar, The Hope and Anchor, Acre Lane, Monday 12 May 7pm

Brixton LETS and local currency.

  • Sterling-backed or mutual credit
  • Physical notes and/or digital currency

Outreach to Brixton Business

  • TTB Business Prospectus
  • Brixton Green
  • Brixton Business Forum


Clarifying outcomes

  • The following has been asked: Its not clear what the key outcomes from the day will be. I suggest that this should be clear to participants, delegates and local business alike.
  • Are the outcomes to tell everyone what a local economy is?
  • to tell everyone about the potential Brixton economy?
  • to sign people up to the system?
  • to engage or galvanize them?
  • to bolster numbers for the working group?
  • to present them with different ideas?
  • I suggest that the group should be clear on what the outcomes will be and to communicate them on any marketing materials so that those attending are also clear.
  • Programme
  • Funding
  • Local Publicity
  • Catering, Local currency idea with local outlets..
  • Involvement of Lambeth
  • Evening Business Networking event.

Doing an Open Space Day…

Action Points follow up

Any Other Business

Next Meeting

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