Economy and Business Meeting 2008 03 31


  • John Rogers, GROWING LOCAL MONEY Mon 7 April
    • Programme
    • Funding
    • Publicity
    • Involvement of Lambeth
  • Rest of the Economy events programme
    • MONEY AS DEBT, Myth Bar, The Hope and Anchor, Acre Lane, Monday 21 April 7pm
    • David Fleming ‘Energy and Anarchy’ Wed 28 May (see 1 below)
    • David Boyle (something on Money and the pearshapedness of the global economy)
    • Nigel Topping (something on the Totnes Pound) tbc soon
    • Charlie Davies: Green Island Economics
  • Doing an Open Space Day…
  • Liaison with Brixton Green
  • Outreach to Brixton Business
    • Offering Oil Vulnerability Auditing

1“The market is not the solution; it is part of the problem. There is no chance of the response to the energy problem getting useful results unless it can call on the commitment and creative intelligence of all energy users. However, that will not happen if we rely either on top-down regulation or on cash incentives – benefits and penalties – delivered by the market. The workshop discusses reasons, proposes an alternative, and suggests that the neglected philosophy of anarchism has something to tell us which we need to know.”

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