Economy and Business Group 24th July 2008 Minutes

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Ways we worked well together to achieve beneficial results for Local Economy Day

1. The people who organised the lunch for local currency.

  • John
  • Hannah
  • Jody
  • Robert
  • Josh

The evaluation feedback about the local lunch from 8 responders out of 12 was 7 out of 10 and above.

2. Everyone involved in setting up the space for the event.

3. Everyone involved in setting the structure for the programme.

The reasons we noted:

We are able to work effectively as independent individuals and in teams, almost as if we are orchestrated by our commitment to making it happen. The initiating work done by Josh and Robert with the local traders set the scene and was further supported with the contacts by Robert on the weekend before the event. Hannah and John noticed that the cafes that participated were mainly white owners. We need to consider how to make it more inclusive for other projects or events. The café owners got their bricks converted to sterling without any prompting from the group. It will be helpful to look at the paper presentation for local traders when making personal contacts. The event worked well within the time constraints. Although the programme took some time to finalise, there was a wealth of possible input and it was chaired well during the event. Many participants valued the event as seen in the evaluation. We need to look at the marketing and publicity for future events. Duncan noted from the recommendation from the Transition Handbook of Dream/Plan/Focus to execute/Celebrate, that we had followed the process.

Identify areas E&B group focus on to achieve our intentions.

  1. Currency and local investment Hannah John Sue
  2. Chapter for energy descent Action Plan Duncan Mamading
  3. Business Focus Mamading Sue
  4. Development Focus with local implications Duncan Mamading
  5. Local procurement including actions and communication links John
  6. Visible projects that pioneer localisation:-
  • Remade in Brixton Hannah
  • Credit Union Josh Sue

We noted that to use our resources effectively there are 2 major ways of working with these areas.

Firstly, to influence decision-makers who affect the future of Brixton. This can be done by partnering or providing input as expertise.

Secondly, to undertake specific actions or activities, such as the example of the Business Resource Exchange – Remade in Brixton.

The bold names attached are the people who have committed their selves to being a core group for creating what needs to happen in that area. Other members of E&B will need to be involved but will not need to take the same responsibility. We will need other people involved so that we do not burn out our personal resources in overworking and we can ensure that we achieve our visions. We described the resources we offer to the group. This helps us to know what is offered and which extra resources we need to continue the work.

Identify resources offered by people present to the E&B group.


Technical expertise Web development Social software Systems thinker Broad knowledge of variety of areas linked to the E&B focus Network connections Meeting space His business can provide marketing, graphic design and facilitation skills. Leavening (a catalyst)

His passion is as a community engine to create a just, sustainable world for all.


Half day per week Write minutes Link with local traders, as with cafes Suitable presentation medium for quotations etc. Ideas Has a visual design background Is literate and articulate in the areas for focus in the E&B group Networking skills Interested in collective creative processes Works with design for reuse Broad but shallow knowledge of economics

Her passion is co-design and creative collaboration


Adjusts to constant change Resilience Commitment to learning Can speak and write Welsh Likes gardening and collecting to create gardens Lots of LETS connections and experience with 4-5 in UK Commitment to LETS Tenacity

His passion is peaches


Instinct and systems thinking Networking Local resident for 21 years Communication skills – verbal influencing and negotiation skills, visual and improvisation Leadership Visionary Positive problem-solver Experiences, learnt and lives low-energy lifestyle. Jigsaw thinking and construction to make things happen

His passion is to have a good outcome. to make the best that can happen. to connect.


Creative reformer with lots of life experience Clinical, educational, management experience in public and private sector. Strategic and operational thinking and acting Development with individuals and all size groups and varied contexts and countries Visionary-can be discouraged Leadership experience-from front, supporting and with other leaders Opportunist Active listener Understanding of people, theoretical and experiential

Her passion is innovation for community cohesion. The link with TTB is building local resilience and the profound potential of using money as an art form

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