Contact Guidelines

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Guidelines for contacting people about Groups.

(If you want to convene a group the hub group can give you the names and addresses of people who have expressed an interest in the group and announce your meeting to the whole list. A limited number of Group Convenors have direct access to the database.)

The TTB database is now online for access by Group Convenors with permission. It can be updated online and everyone who’s ever expressed an interest is labelled in such a way that we can now extract them. You can sort the database by hovering the mouse on the bar below a column heading and clicking on the ‘sort by’ that then appears in red. You can then block and cut names or email addresses and or ‘export’ the sorted database to your own computer in a variety of formats (see File Menu)

Where a specific interest was expressed I’ve written it in the relevant column eg ‘cycling’ in the Transport column. The code 1 means they’ve actually said they were interested in this special topic and 2 means they’ve said something blanket like ‘everything’ or ‘sustainable living’ so they may or may not be specifically passionate about this particular topic.

This way of keeping data is a bit risky and we are looking for better ways.

If you email whole interest groups please use the Blind copy (BCC) of your email server which preserves each persons privacy. (Smaller groups that have met may later consent to use a more open format to enable intercommunication.) Put your own email or in the To: box.

Other stuff:

There is also a column for Time available. Catagories are straight off the feedback sheet and are ‘very little/ a few hours from time to time/ more than this/ a lot (days)

You can search using ctrl F. You have sometimes to scroll a bit to see the found item. To find the working group columns you need to scroll right using the bar at the bottom.

I think it self saves regularly but if you make changes please ‘save and close’ in the file menu to be sure.

You can update the database. F2 enables you to edit the field you are in. To undo something you’ve done ctrl z can be very useful.

It would be great if someone would take the job of helping groups kick off by connecting up the leaders and giving them names of interested people to contact to arrange to convene. Once something is happening we can give key people access to the database.

Here’s to networking, synergy and the power of community.

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