Comms Brainstorm July 2009

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1. Produce Newsletter at intervals not less than 1 month and not greater than 3 months

- includes putting news onto TTB website

[Probably need journalists. If can get people who can supervise, can then get less skilled persons]

2. Handle media requests and initiate contacts [MUST]

3. Fortnightly ‘events coming up’ Email for members [Probably need journalists. If can get people who can supervise, can then get less skilled persons]

- From the TTB calendar and from information provided by working groups, produce a fortnightly list of upcoming TTB public events and other events of interest – May include updating calendar with non-group events and meetings

4. Run a group to circulate flyers and hard copy newsletters to local shops as well as help to co-ordinate TTB stalls at events [Delay till Food Group (Zoe) has completed their current recruitment of people to circulate fliers]

5. ‘Outreach’ to schools, churches, businesses, pubs with a view to building support for TTB. The following may be different people: • Decide the tactics [VERY IMPORTANT] necessary, working with people knowledgeable about marketing and education • Make the contacts • Follow up with activity leading to engagement e.g. give a talk, do something for them….

6. Maintain website

- Resources, Training, Press and Publicity Section, Links to other TT stuff

7. Handle new contacts

- update central Google group

- may involve updating central Excel database

8. Maintain bank of useful resources for Groups

- Photo gallery, publicity image, letter heads/ form letters

[Job is to set up a structure like the one based on Drop Box which Currency Group has, taking advice from Currency Group]

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