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To Do List

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Aims, Outputs and Outcomes


  • Confirm speakers and what they will cover. DL and JRC
  • Update the Programme page as and when
  • Thankyou notes to speakers and workshop leaders with any financial recognition or give a transition handbook as appropriate”’

Evening Business Networking


  • Talk to Lambeth about charging DL

Local Publicity

  • Press and publicity JD to coordinate with the TTB Comms group.
  • ‘Prospectus’ write and produce: HL and JB
  • Outreach to local businesses business support network groups; RG and JRC
    • Use the business networks ebulletin via Keith Trotter at Corporate Regen.; RG, JRC and…
    • Segentation of business: see State of the Borough reportAlso What We Know report in preparation for the FUTURE BRIXTON visioning framework
  • Outreach to Lambeth
    • Meet with Keith Trotter DL to set up RG, MC poss JRC interested in being there
    • Talk to Lambeth about procurement and the Sustainable Communities Act RG and JRC
    • Lambeth First ??
  • Outreach to 3rd sector: via LVAC ebulletin DL and JB
  • Outreach to Public Sector: JRC (Jessica Currie and Jon Lissimore had a meeting last week with the PCT about sustainability, which is one of their priorities this year. I talked to the head of the PCT at the Brixton Expo event so she knows about us – can’t remember her name.

Involvement of Lambeth


  • Hannah and John will be in Brixton looking for cafes to accept bricks tokens on Saturday. HL & JW

Local Currency/LETS

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