Alternative Local Business Prospectus

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Calling Brixton Businesses!

Is your business being affected by the global credit crunch?

Are your business costs being affected by rocketing food and fuel prices?

Do you have a plan for how your business can survive if things get worse?

Have you worked out how to turn these threats into opportunities for making your business stronger and even more profitable?

Transition Town Brixton is hosting a Local Economy and Business evening that will give you the sort of information that can help you make better long-term business decisions.

There will be opportunities to connect with other local businesses that you could buy from, sell to or do some other form of transaction with. Also, you will be able to start exploring ways of attracting more business by reaching out to local customers committed to buying local.

Join us at 6:00pm in the Assembly Hall, Lambeth Town Hall on Thursday June the 19th 2008

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