Agenda for next meeting

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I know Adam said he would be responsible for the next meeting’s agenda but I thought it might be better if everyone was involved. So what I propose is that anything anyone wants to discuss in the next meeting should be put on this page. Basically this is an open space which everyone is welcome and encouraged to use.

  • Next meeting should be with the buildings group
  • What is the remit of each group and what should be done jointly?
  • FUTURE BRIXTON – we need to be pushing for involvement in the planning process.
    • Jessica Currie said she had been in contact with Brixton Green for businesses which may be working with WRAP, which is something we could help raise awareness for
    • Work out how we’re going to make it easy for people to apply for the schemes here
    • Distributing information via some kind of pamphlet, possibly in collaboration with the communications and outreach group
    • Formulate a more concrete step by step vision: how do we want to see Brixton in 2yrs; 5yrs; 10yrs; 25yrs, etc.?
    • Contacting businesses to encourage them to switch to green energy suppliers. Totnes has done this by asking local companies to send in their last electricity bill and working out if it would be cheaper for them to switch, as well as discussing other ways they can reduce their energy consumption – changing light-bulbs, etc.

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