ABUNDANCE project SITE DAY. Sunday 17 February

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Sunday 17 February 11am – 5pm

at the Loughborough Park Estate (Guinness Trust Estate) Community Building off Loughborough Park Road, SW9

11am Beginning Balcony Food Growing with Food up Front. Help needed leafletting the estate and talking to residents.

Continued site clearing. Gloves provided. If you can bring a garden fork that would help.

1pm Lunch (delicious soup provided – bring something to share) and networking. Watch a short film about the Leaf St Community Gardens in Manchester.

2pm prompt ABUNDANCE SITE DAY: The afternoon will include:

  • Learning for Gardening with Graham Burnett, see http://www.spiralseeds.co.uk
  • - a bit about Permaculture and working with Nature
  • - to dig or not to dig
  • - the importance of planning
  • Planning together – selecting veg and fruit to grow, planning the planting calendar.
  • Planting in seed trays. Learning by doing.

3pm Continuing clearing the site

  • Planting outside.


  • Feedback and next steps.

We would also like to get an ABUNDANCE Project sign and notice board up on the site. Can anyone volunteer scrap materials and paint for this?

Please BRING for the project

  • any pots or containers that will work as seed trays
  • transparent plastic bags
  • SEEDS to donate and swap at Seedy Sunday (see below)
  • any surplus tools
  • sheet cardboard

In the longer term we will be looking for scaffolding planks for bed edging, compost, poles, pallets and other deviders for the compost site, building site sand bags, fruit netting, wire netting, string… If you have stuff please volunteer it. We’d like to use as much reclaimed stuff as possible whilst still keeping the site looking beautiful. ABUNDANCE Page

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