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petition for green economics indicator

Sign a petition to replace GDP/GNP as
the key indicator of progress in society with a measure, such as the
Index of Sustainable Economic Welfare, or similar, to help take us in a
much greener direction. More details

Meeting – February


affecting physical regeneration in the Brixton are the Local Development Framework – the overarching social
strategy into which all the others
TTB has been asked to participate with input and facilitation.

This will be followed by other in-depth workshop sessions
which will look at the overall
proposals as well as specific area projects. Sessions will [...]

FUTURE BRIXTON consultationFUTURE BRIXTON consultation

1. FUTURE BRIXTON is the plan for physical regeneration of the Brixton Area. TTB has been asked to be present at the consultation workshops to inform people about the issues of Climate Change and Peak Oil and make sure they are present in the discussions. The first workshop is this Saturday 9 [...]

what will happen?


Lambeth Sustainable Community Strategy

This is the foundation document of the Local Development Framework (see below)
For detailed background, TTB’s submissions and links to this important document see the Local Government Group Pages

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