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Fossil Fuels Day!

News – Award Winners

Two TTB collaborators won awards from Love London for their events coming up in the festival in June . Susan Sheehan won for the Hyde Farm Climate Action Network Open
Evening ? Wednesday June 11th 7-10pm at Telferscot School,
Telferscot Road, Balham.  Mary Fee also won an award.  Mary belongs to Lets-Link UK, a kind of
facilitative body [...]

Robert Kennedy on the GNP

*** try and ignore the sentimental background music & the bombastic American rhetoric …
March 18, 2008 is the fortieth anniversary of one of
Robert F. Kennedy’s most famous speeches, given just months before his
assassination.  In it, RFK performed a rhetorical evisceration of the US national economic report card, Gross National Product. You can watch a new [...]

March-April Events

‘Brush up your Peak Oil’

Talk by Adam Dadeby of and Centre for Alternative Technology.
Wednesday 30 April, 7pm,
Room 8 Lambeth Town Hall 

- how is it connected with the current economic crisis?
- will it affect Climate Change?
- and more…

followed by discussion.
TTB Programme of Events: is now on the website on the events [...]

local economy day

Lambeth Town Hall. June 19th. 11am-9pm
What are the economic and structural obstacles to building
sustainability into our communities?  Transition Town Brixton is
hosting a one-day conference aiming to examine in depth the economics
of sustainability.  We will spend the day unpacking the economic
mechanisms that drive carbon intensive lifestyles and waste
resources.   Topics of discussion will range from macro-economic
overviews, the [...]

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