Economy and Business Working Group Meeting – Thursday 5 June 2008

Where: The Melanin Partnership at Piano House

When: 6:30pm


Sue Bell
Mamading Ceesay
Duncan Law
Hannah Lewis
Josh Ryan-Collins
John Walker

Jody Boehnert
Robert Geddis
Balbir Singh
Saskia Walzel


Has not yet got through to Lambeth First

Flyers are ready to be distributed
Outreach to media, creative sector etc – to be done
Food – see below

Blog on Urban75 – has account set up, will start blog and link to TTB site

Missed deadline for business networks mailout from Corporate Regen department – but they will do a mailout for us next week
Not yet contacted Steve Reed re intro from Lambeth – will ask him and Lib Peck
Outreach: LVAC, Lambeth College – contacted but not heard back yet
Contacted Julie from Growing Communities re local food workshop – she is not available, contacted grower but not heard back yet
Contacted Nigel Topping re Lessons from Totnes workshop – not heard back yet
Asked Molly Scott Cato to run local currency workshop – agreed

Outreach: was awaiting flyers, Hannah will ask Jody to email these to all
Liz from NEF agreed to run Our Sustainable Neighbourhood workshop

Food – see below


Workshops for the afternoon are:

Molly Scott Cato on local currencies (or possibly carbon currencies as we now have another facilitator for local currencies…)
Becky Booth from Wales Institute for Community Currencies (contacted by Josh) has also offered to run a local currencies workshop – either she and Molly could co-facilitate (they may know each other?) or Becky could focus on local currencies and Molly on carbon-based currencies? Josh to liaise with both.
Liz Cox – Our Sustainable Neighbourhood.
Local food – a number of possible facilitators, either from Growing Communities, Edible Estates (Carol Wright runs project at Brookwood House in Elephant and Castle), Abundance Project (Robert Beale), Ian Larkin (Larkin Foods), Sustain, London Food Links, or Duncan himself! Mamading / Duncan to confirm.
Lessons from Totnes – not yet confirmed from Nigel Topping.
One person from the Economy and Business Group will partner with each workshop facilitator to help direct the focus onto local Brixton issues. People who agreed to do this were: Duncan – local food workshop Mamading – Our Sustainable Neighbourhood Josh / John – local currency workshop/s (Josh with Becky, John with Molly, or both in one)

The plenary session (following workshops) will include a speaker from each workshop (either the facilitator or partner) presenting what was discussed.

“Kit list” requirements include:

Powerpoint projector – already sorted
Flipchart holders – Town Hall has 2, Mamading has 2-3 to bring
Flipchart pads, pens, name badge stickers – Duncan to bring

John has produced an agreement for participating food outlets to sign. As of meeting, only Honest Foods was confirmed to participate – Franco Manca’s pizza also expressed interest. John and Hannah will go on a recruiting mission in Brixton on Saturday. [We have since added Rosie’s, the Lounge, and the Ritzy cafe to the list. Others have expressed interest, tbc – Hannah.]

Jody will produce a map of participating cafes and design the paper currency for the day.


Programme for the evening was outlined as follows:

6.00 Welcome, networking – wants and offers board / speed networking

6.30 Intros – a local businessperson followed by TTB

6.45 Plugging the Leaks

7.30 Small groups or plenary: What we can do to help the local economy be more resilient into the future

9.00 (or earlier if appropriate) Close

Duncan, Mamading and Josh will finalise this. Some thought needs to be given to the wants and offers board – should it be categorised more specifically e.g. waste / excess capacity / underused assets / resources / problems / goals / needs etc.

Possible names mentioned to introduce the evening included:

Leon – Honest Foods / Mango Landin
Someone from Corporate Regen
Stuart Horton
Dil Green
Solitaire Townsend – Futerra [Jody has also since suggested Ed Gillespie]
Mitchell – Mo-Shon
Stuart Hopton-Jones – Dex
Someone from Morley’s
Each phase of the evening will be punctuated by local economics success stories (told by members of this group) from different places – highlighting both business and social benefits of localised economics. Duncan to email ideas for these. Some “stories” could also be printed / written out as posters on wall, or we could take inspiring quotes from Transition Town Handbook / Primer / Sustainable Communities Act etc (also good during the day event) – Duncan and Hannah to collaborate on this.

Refreshments for the evening need to be booked from Town Hall caterers.



Continue trying Lambeth First?

Outreach to media and creative sector, local press, LCC, Josef Davies-Coates – United Diversity
Map and paper currency for lunch

Blog on Urban75
Confirm local food workshop facilitator (liaise with Duncan)
Finalise evening event programme and speaker from business community (with Duncan, Josh)

Outreach: education, flyering?

Mailout to business networks through Corporate Regen
Ask Steve Reed / Lib Peck to introduce day
Confirm local food workshop facilitator (liaise with Mamading)
Lessons from Totnes workshop? Confirm with Nigel Topping
Book Town Hall catering for evening event
Finalise evening event programme and speaker from business community (with Mamading, Josh)
Quotes for wall (with Hannah)

Recruit food outlets for lunch (with John)
Quotes for wall (with Duncan)

Outreach: public sector, Social Enterprise London, Lambeth Credit Union, Lambeth Building Society, flyering
Liaise with Becky and Molly re local currency / carbon currency workshop/s
Finalise evening event programme and speaker from business community (with Mamading, Duncan)

Recruit food outlets for lunch (with Hannah)

Tuesday 17 June, 6.30pm, The Melanin Partnership at Piano House, 9 Brighton Terrace.

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