LCG Minutes 15-09-08

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Summary of Minutes of Local Currency Group
Monday 15th September 2008


Things discussed

• Josh and Hannah went to the Launch of the Lewes Pound and returned with much enthusiasm. See links on Local Currency page for more info.
• The Lewes project was organised by a similar size group of people to us (who weren’t that much more organised).
• Total cost of the project was about £5k including printing a forge-proof note, marketing and hire of the town hall.
• All Lewes notes have been sold and much media interest has been generated.

Credit Union
• Chris from Lambeth Credit Union attended the meeting.
• The Credit Union would be a key partner and could possibly hold, exchange, and make loans with the currency.

• Hannah researched local funding such as the Peter Minnett Foundation and the Walcott Foundation. \\ • Action Point: Mamading to find out if the Local Currency Group have the authority to raise funds on behalf of TTB and what funding TTB has already applied for.

Wedge Card
• Talks with market traders have begun about bringing Wedge to Brixton.
• We need to make sure we complement rather that add confusion to the Wedge scheme.
• Meeting arranged with Diana Bird on the 2nd October at 3.30/4pm at The Melanin Partnership tbc. All welcome.

The meeting finished on a positive note with everyone encouraged by Lewes and keen to go for a PAPER CURRENCY.

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