Economy & Business Group Meeting 17/06/08


Action points from last meeting

Business evening
Launch meeting
Publicity effort
Follow up
Action points:

Map of accepting retailers & paper currency to be handled by Jody, using Hannah & John’s list of those shops agreed.
Each note will cost around 20p for production – to be produced in 1 Brick notes.
Participants to buy at least £5 worth of Bricks for lunch, after John’s workshop.
Growing communities to be contacted by Duncan, who can help run that workshop.
Event flyers need to be clarified and amended.
Need to higher education institutions need to be approached: Universities (LSE, Kings College etc)
Need to confirm on evening catering for the event
Quotes for the wall need to be selected and printed
Lambeth credit union to be contacted
Business Evening Programme Updated

6pm – Welcome mingle, wants & offers
6.15pm – Announcement & agenda for discussions
6.30pm – Intros, Philip, Keith & Duncan
6.45pm – Plugging the leaks & Keith Trotter
7.30pm – Small group plenary
Participants form groups around the pressing issues identified and announced arising from plugging the leaks.
Commitments based on the small group work.
TTB’ers to interject throughout to speak and share experiences
TTB interests to be displayed to allow traders to identify what interests them

Tea and coffee confirmed for 50 participants
Invite participants to donate to their value of the event
Offer of Bricks for lunch and TT handbook for speakers
During the day session add prelinary after plugging the leaks to summerise workshops from notes taken
Day programme update:

1.50pm – Sue to speak and intro to Molly
3.00pm – Addition of EcoLabs workshop on design and economy
- Possible addition of microgeneration & energy workshop from Selma
4.30pm – Note takers to feed back to Josh to develop next steps.

Universities to be targeted
Jody and Duncan to handle on the day press enquiries with the other TTB’ers to be ready to take their place on the event.
Follow up:

Promotion of wiki pages to aid follow up
Allow for the provision of emails: creation and use of for correspondence on the evening

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