Nov 08 Roupell Park Energy Centre

TTB has already contributed to the development of the basic terms of the contract for this project. We were asked at very short notice to suggest changes to the following terms (not the full spec):

”Task 12.9 is to build an Energy Centre on the Roupell Park Estate that will be used as an education and information centre. The centre will provide information to visitors on the new CHP unit, the District Heating scheme, energy efficiency advice and renewable technologies installed on the estate.

Also included in this work package is the design and fabrication of displays that will show:

- Details of the new CHP unit including the benefits and improvements

- Details of the District Heating scheme and how it improves the comfort of residents in the winter

- Energy efficiency advice for residents

- Details of renewable technologies installed and how they work

- Details of the Ecostiler project and how the Ecostiler project helped Lambeth to reduce energy use and carbon emissions

- How the work carried out in Lambeth is part of a much larger Europe wide programme of work

The centre will be run by the London Borough of Lambeth in partnership with Transition Town Brixton by trained volunteers. Support will be sought from local Lambeth based businesses, particularly those that offer sustainable products or services to ensure the ongoing use of the centre.”

Will responded:

Residents may be interested in how the new system at Roupell Park works but the primary focus ought to be on actions they can pursue themselves, especially if the aim is to draw in people from further afield. So I would expand the third and fourth bullet points on the following lines:

- Information and advice about improving the thermal performance of homes (e.g. insulation, draught-proofing, efficient heating systems, controls, passive cooling)

- Information and advice about reducing electricity consumption (e.g. low energy lighting, energy efficient appliances, smart metering).

- Information and advice about the use of renewable and low-carbon technologies in the home (e.g. solar panels, photovoltaics, wind turbines, wood burners).

- Information and advice about reducing indirect energy consumption ( e.g. changes to water use, food purchases, travel choices, recycling)

- Information and advice about sustainable construction and renovation.

Duncan responded:

How much space will there be? I would like it to be able to provide energy saving measures. eg.

- the ‘bulb library’ that Hyde Farm CAN have would be one example, a low energy bulb for every awkward application available to buy.

- to have storage space for things like rolls of draft strip, radiator panels.

- to have examples of DIY installations and enable inspired people to order materials there and then from local suppliers. Ideally in the long term beneficial discount relationship with local fitters and suppliers would be negotiated and we would have a warehouse to store insulation and off-cuts that would normally be ditched.

- to build a relationship with Green Homes Concierge.

- a directory of solutions people have found that can be visited. eg my solar panel round the corner…

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