NOV 08 Key points from November meeting of Buildings & Energy Group

November 20th, Vida Walsh Centre, Brixton

We took forward three areas of work: the LDF consultation, the Roupell Park Energy Centre and the development of community outreach.

1. LDF consultation

We definitely need to respond to the consultation on the scoping document for the Sustainability Appraisal for the new Local Development Framework (phew). This document sets out the sustainability objectives which the LDF will be judged by. But the subgroup that examined these objectives did not feel they were adequate.

Will will prepare a response based on the discussion at the meeting. If anyone else would like to comment, please follow the link below (in the big entry on the LDF). The document is huge (166 pages) but it is mostly appendices. The objectives are on pages 16-26 with the environmental objectives on page 20.

2. Roupell Park

The following are the notes from the subgroup that considered the development of the Energy Centre at Roupell Park:

What will be on display?

Members of group to visit Islington energy centre / Bedzed / Parity projects to get a view on good ways to display engaging material/ bring back ideas –

Action- all who can find time

What should be on displays? issues

• List in draft brief to include info on global warming local best practice project, and be developed once visit made to other centres.

• How do we demonstrate CHP when it can’t be seen as inside container?

• Do Perkins or Dan fosse have model of a CHP?

• Display could be at 2 eye levels for adults / children

What’s in the building / what happens there?

• Toni has experience of managing visitor’s sites

• Visitors sign in / feedback to provide data to back up grant bids?

• Can we develop a standard tour and presentation for different audiences?

• NB Schools can do their own risk assessments

• Need serious planning of events for children and other audiences

• Staff training needed

• Can we obtain 2nd hand desk /chairs while ensuring a professional feel to the place?

External funding / sponsorship

Concern re ethics of only approaching E’on for sponsorship – are they genuinely trying to be a green company? Some people didn’t want their logo on the centre

Action- Jon to review issue

Other issues

Rooflights and if any new windows need to be open able for ventilation Action Jon / Gabrielle ask Architect to advise Other internal detail issues / proposals for Architects

Action – Francis to advise Jon by email

Involve other TTB groups in future

How do we go forward?

Project sub group to be arranged- this can develop brief, take forward ideas and actions and provide progress updates to TTB E&B Group

Action- Jon / Gabrielle

Key outstanding action To discuss hopes for the centre with Roupell Park RMC representatives and seek their support and engagement

Action- Jon / Toni / Mark

Duncan’s planting ideas for the Centre are here: here

3. Community outreach

The key issue appears to be tailoring presentations to meet the needs of different groups. The community outreach subgroup will work with Rhiann (from the Comms Group) to identify community contacts and get a sense of what people would value. It may be good to meet with groups before running the presentations/workshops.


The next meeting will take place on Wednesday January 7th at 7pm. Venue to be confirmed.

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