Urban Green Fair


Come! Tell your friends! Help out!


Films, speakers, health zone, food and garden zone, kids’ zone, social justice zone, sustainable transport zone (inc bikes to play on), stalls, delicious food, fantastic vibe un-marred by alcohol or amplified music.


Transition Town Brixton is helping organise the Energy Transition Zone where TTB will have a stall. If you know of other relevant organisation that would like a stall please invite them to visit the website www.urbangreenfair.org and go to the Stalls page.


Volunteers are needed to help set up, staff and strike the stall on a rota. Please contact John Gray


Speakers in the Zone are


  1. (1.00) The challenges of Peak Oil
    and Climate Change (Shane Collins),

  2. (1.50) Do an Eco-Audit
    your home (Donnachadh McCarthy),
  3. (2.40) Nuclear Energy as
    a solution to Peak Oil and Climate Change ? (David Fleming),
  4. (3.30) Biofuels as another solution
    to Peak Oil and Climate Change ? (Ian Lander),
  5. (4.20) Making your home
    energy-efficient (Russell Smith),
  6. (5.10) Changing personal attitudes
    and priorities (Jim Scott),
  7. (6.00) Collective action through
    Transition Town Brixton (Duncan Law).


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