Local Economy and Local Money



A localised economy? A Brixton currency? Far-fetched? Other places are doing it. See a short BBC film about Lewes and Totnes’s local economies. Times are tough and getting harder. Credit
Crunch is compounded by an Energy Crunch and a Food Crunch. How are
they related and will they go away? Or is this the future that we must
make the best of?

9.30-8.30pm Thursday 19 June in the Lambeth Town Hall. 

Funding has been made available and this event is now FREE to attend!  Register here.  

Why local? What’s in it for locals? And how do you make it happen? Get engaged with the TTB Business and Economy Group



In the evening we will have a social networking event
for those who cannot attend the whole day, hoping to bring many local
businesses and customers together for mutual benefit to look at how we
can make a more resilient, interconnected Brixton.


We plan to give Brixton it’s own money – the Brixton
Pound or ‘Paper Brick’.


Imagine customer voting with their wallets -
choosing to dedicate a proportion of their spending only to local
business. Money that goes around in a local economy is worth 2.5 times
the money that escapes down the supply chains and into the
shareholders’ pockets of the big chain stores.

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