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Climate Camp Film

Monday 2 June, 7pm, the Myth Bar, 123 Acre Lane, upstairs from
the Hope and Anchor pub.
Film: Reclaim

voices from the camp for
climate action 2006

including an important filmed
interview with Mark Lynas, author of High Tide and Six Degrees.

followed by Q&A with people who were at the camp and explanation
about this years camp in early August. Be [...]

Brixton says No! to Heathrow expansion

Saturday 31 May, Ritzy 10.30am to go together to Heathrow 


Local Economy and Local Money


A localised economy? A Brixton currency? Far-fetched? Other places are doing it. See a short BBC film about Lewes and Totnes’s local economies. Times are tough and getting harder. Credit
Crunch is compounded by an Energy Crunch and a Food Crunch. How are
they related and will they go away? Or is this the future that we [...]

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