local economy day


Lambeth Town Hall. June 19th. 11am-9pm

What are the economic and structural obstacles to building
sustainability into our communities?  Transition Town Brixton is
hosting a one-day conference aiming to examine in depth the economics
of sustainability.  We will spend the day unpacking the economic
mechanisms that drive carbon intensive lifestyles and waste
resources.   Topics of discussion will range from macro-economic
overviews, the drawbacks of our globalized economy, the nature of
money, the importance of credit, the under-acknowledge role of cheap
energy as economic driver& the causes of our unsustainable systems,
and then move into a local perspective and on to possible action.


Discussions will focus on the most critical topic of our time (climate change) & we will look for pragmatic solutions. How can we make a living and save the planet at the same time? We will look at case studies of different models of local currency and how to set one up and how to build an infrastructure for local exchange. How will we make the systemic change from an unsustainable system to a One PlanetTM economy, and build a better low energy future?

We will mix speakers with structured interaction (games) & open space workshops to give everyone an opportunity to wrestle with the issues and hopefully come out of the day with some ideas for our own projects in London and Brixton.  Money expert and author David Boyle is our first confirmed speaker. Organizers of the previous Brixton LETs scheme and the current revival are involved.  We are also planning a web link panel discussion with some prominent pioneering thinkers so stay tuned!

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