FUTURE BRIXTON consultationFUTURE BRIXTON consultation

1. FUTURE BRIXTON is the plan for physical regeneration of the Brixton Area. TTB has been asked to be present at the consultation workshops to inform people about the issues of Climate Change and Peak Oil and make sure they are present in the discussions. The first workshop is this Saturday 9 February, 2-5pm in the Assembly Room in Lambeth Town Hall and will be focussing on Brixton High Street. The consultation will start with a Visioning Framework, which is not yet online. The research information informing the consultation is available here. You can contact FUTURE BRIXTON with your comments. The questionnaire is not yet online.

In-depth workshop sessions will look at the overall proposals as well as specific area projects. Sessions will last approximately 2 ½ hours and refreshments will be provided. To book a place please call on 0800 052 6336 or email futurebrixton@lambeth.gov.uk

  • High Street area – Saturday 9 February, 2–5pm, Assembly Hall, Lambeth Town Hall
  • Somerleyton Road area – Tuesday 19 February, 7–10pm, Southwyck Hall, Moorlands Road
  • Brixton Hill area – Thursday 21 February, 7–10pm, Assembly Hall, Lambeth Town Hall
  • Brixton Exchange area – Saturday 23 February, 12 noon–3pm, Karibu Centre, Gresham Road
  • Brixton Station Road area – Wednesday 27 February, 7.30–10pm, Brixton Rec
  • Brixton Markets area – Saturday 1 March, 12 noon–3pm, Karibu Centre, Gresham Road

Lambeth has recently commissioned Bioregional Development Group (creators of Beddington Zero Energy Development or BedZED) to build their One Planet Living framework into the Master Plan This is very positive news. One Planet Living has 10 principles:

  1. Zero carbon
  2. Zero waste
  3. Sustainable transport
  4. Sustainable materials
  5. Local and sustainable food
  6. Sustainable water
  7. Natural habitats and wildlife
  8. Culture and heritage
  9. Equity and fair trade
  10. Health and happiness

TTB can inform the specifics and make sure that we insist on designing for localisation and genuine zero carbon. This is an opportunity for working groups to draw up the principles of future design out of their visioning so far and any specific ideas that will contribute to a better low energy future Brixton, a genuine sustainable community. See and add to ideas below.

Meetings re: Future Brixton on 8th April 2008

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