Energy Group Meeting 19-02-08

Apologies for the delay – it’s been one of those fortnights.

Present: Adam, Duncan, Helen, Jon, Keir, Olivia, Rob, Will

  • Built environment group:
    • There is no real process already started for the buildings group; it has been agreed that the two groups will merge for the time-being.
  • Future Brixton
    • Need to work to Lambeth council’s timescale
    • Lambeth’s Sustainable Community Strategy 2008-2020
      • Where’s the sustainability!?
      • The SCS will be the overarching plan for the borough
  • Distribution of information
    • Need something specific for Brixton
    • Possibility of a flyer pack
    • Interest from the local newspaper – possibilty of a regular article; maybe a case study followed by info on how you can increase your energy efficiency
  • WRAP
    • A building waste reclamation centre was discussed; something that could be used as good practice for new develpoers or a requirement in the LDF

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