Brixton Public Meeting

‘IF we don’t do the impossible, we shall be faced with the unthinkable’.  - Petra Kelly quoted by Deepak last week at our meeting


Deepak Rughani made strong case at our Public Meeting last week for a moratorium on destruction of the rainforests.  All of our at cutting carbon locally will be meaningless without the natural carbon absorbing quality the forests provide.    Speeches by Deepak, Phil Thorhill and Johnathon Essex were all excellent and reinforced the urgency of showing support of legislation change by attending the National Climate March December 8th.  TTB will be there, join us. 



Monday 12 November at 7pm

DEX, 467 Brixton Road

Kentucky Fried Chicken)

in preparation for the National Climate MarchSaturday 8 December.


We are delighted to present some excellent speakers:

Phil Thornhill

Co-ordinator of the Campaign against Climate Change
Deepak Rughani

Jonathan Essex

Green Economics Foundation
& Speakers from World Development Movement and TTB

Come and find out what the Global Climate Campaign is demanding of the
leaders meeting for the Climate Talks in Bali. Learn what the latest
science is telling us is necessary and what must be done. And what we
can do. Learn what
the impacts could be if we don’t.

Followed by Q&A and discussion and a planning meeting.

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